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When Should You Consider A Data Center Relocation?

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Data center relocation is a big undertaking and commitment. However, keeping your current data center equipment could be costing your business.

It’s important to determine whether your company’s data center needs to be relocated or not. Here are some helpful tips and signs to determine whether or not you need to relocate your data center.

Changing Requirements: Technology and demands change, so logically the demands on data center equipment also changes. If you’re considering a cooling system upgrade or you plan to increase the power to an existing data center, it may be wise to reassess your equipment. Run a cost/benefit analyses to find out if your current data center is running as efficiently as it should.

Increasing Costs: Times have changed, so having data centers in key urban areas isn’t as essential as it used to be. Plus, highly populated areas can experience spikes in energy costs that other, less densely populated areas don’t experience. Researching an area with lower energy costs may benefit your company in the long run.

Issues With Security: Cyber and “on-ground” security have changed drastically even over the past few years. What may have been secure just a short while ago might not be secure today. Data security should be one of your top priorities, so reassessing your security periodically is a must. If you find your security lacking, you may want to consider a relocation.

Acquisitions And Mergers: Acquisitions and mergers happen often, and they offer added resources and many other benefits. 

However an acquisition or merger may propose a problem: you may have duplicate data center equipment. This means your company may have to consolidate and relocate data centers.

Reevaluating Your Service Level Agreement: If your company is renting from a colocation or “colo” data center, you may want to revisit your SLA or service level agreement. If your needs have changed, or your colo provider is no longer providing what you need, you may want to consider a relocation.

Business Growth: Business growth is the aim for any company, but that growth includes changes as well. Your current data center and data center equipment may not be able to keep up with your growing business. You may need more space and bandwidth, which might point to a relocation. 

Trust Critical Power For Your Data Center Equipment And Relocation

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