Emergency Power Backup

Western Wildfires Creating Need For Backup Power

Critical Power Has The Best Generator Delivery Turnaround Time Available!

Now that wildfires are an unfortunate reality of life, that means the accompanying power outages to large, vulnerable areas of the U.S are inevitable. Additionally, since wildfires usually occur during hot, dry weather, the need for air conditioning tends to overtax the power grid, creating the need for rolling blackouts.

Businesses are the ones that suffer most in these situations. How long can your company go without backup power?

Critical Power has been working with commercial customers to provide reliable, affordable backup generators in those areas affected by wildfire-caused power outages.

A Reliable Source Of Backup Power Can Keep Your Business Running During Wildfire Season.

With the fastest turnaround time in the industry, Critical Power can provide your company with a new or pre-owned diesel, natural gas or mobile generator. Since different companies have different backup power needs, our experienced sales staff can provide you with the right generator to fit your specific needs.

We also offer financing options, ongoing generator maintenance and are happy to discuss trade-ins if you currently have a generator that doesn’t meet your needs.

Wildfire-Caused Power Outages Are Increasing. A Backup Generator Can Keep Your Business Running!

With generators in stock, we can help every business category, from manufacturers, dairy farms, grocery stores, data centers, mills, mines and cannabis grows. You name it, and we can deliver reliable backup power in diesel, natural gas and mobile form.

Let Critical Power Assess Your Backup Power Needs.

Contact a member of our seasoned sales team to determine the right type and size of generator that can keep your company up and running.

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