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The Importance Of Generator Enclosures And Other Necessities This Winter

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Your generator is designed to take care of you during winter storm outages, but you need to do your part to take care of it, too. Generator enclosures literally provide shelter from the storm, and enclosures cut down on the overall wear and tear of your generator. Other necessities, like cooling towers and chillers, can help keep your generator working smoothly all winter long.

What Your Generator Needs To Run Smoothly This Winter:


This isn’t a must-have, but with all of the ice and snow, your generator may seem noisier. A soundproof generator enclosure can help to eliminate some of the noise associated with generators.

Cooling Towers And Chillers

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it cool and chilly enough in the winter? Actually, we want to keep a generator cool, but we don’t want it to freeze. Chillers and cooling towers are actually warmer than the temperature outside, so they keep generators cool, but not frozen.


Your enclosure may include louvers, dampers or shutters. They offer ambient airflow through the generator engine’s radiator. This helps to naturally eliminate overheating or overcooling.

Louvers can be activated by the generator’s thermostat or coolant levels. Like the classic louver design, they are designed to let air in, but keep snow out.

Snow Hoods

Snow hoods are features on generator enclosures that help to prevent snow from accumulating near the generator itself. Some manufacturers offer snow hood kits, but some come as part of an enclosure package. If you purchase a kit, you may have to relocate the generator’s exhaust, so it’s better to purchase a generator enclosure that includes a snow hood.

Other Precautions To Take50 kW Blue Star Diesel Generator

You may want to consider other precautions when preparing your generator for winter weather. You may want to consider winter fuel additives, to keep your fuel flowing freely. You should also make sure your generator was serviced before the winter begins.

Generator Enclosures Don’t Just Shield Your Generators

Your generator is the one tool that can keep your business afloat this winter. So, by shielding your generator, you’re also shielding your business. Critical Power Products and Services can help find the right generator enclosure and accessories for your area and needs. Contact us for more information on how you can protect your generator and your assets this winter.