Will Alt

Will Alt, Generator Director

Will Alt


Starting in 2009 as a Project Manager in the Critical Infrastructure industry, Will worked his way up the ranks to Sales Manager in 2014 and President in 2016. The following year, Will made an offer to purchase the assets of the previous company that he had worked with for most of a decade. With aspirations of creating his own company with a new vision, he felt it was time to go down a new path. With a new mission in mind, Will set out to build a team based around high values and long term customer service. That mission is simply to be the best at providing products and services to the professionals in the critical infrastructure industry. In result, Critical Power Products & Services was born. This change proved to be a vital part of the success and progress CPP&S has and is experiencing.

With over 12 years of sales and management experience in the real estate and construction product markets in the Pacific Northwest area, Will has gained a valuable understanding of market strategies and fluctuations.

Will, now a proud father of two, was raised in a rural setting in Montana. He grew up around a family owned lumber production company that taught valuable skills in the diesel engine and equipment industry, as well as owning his own real estate company later in life.

We are proud to say that Will served his country for 5 years with the US Army, to include extensive overseas tours attached to a multi-national special operation team. His time serving our Nation ingrained professionalism, discipline, and dedication into his work ethic that is second to none.

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