Emergency Power Backup

SMALL BUSINESS = LARGE INVESTMENT. Protect It With Reliable Backup Power.

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SMALL BUSINESS = LARGE INVESTMENT. Protect It With Reliable Backup Power.

Today, starting a business looks a lot different than it did even 10 years ago. *Digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate while at the same time raising the expectation of the end-user. This means outages can be very costly for companies. If a customer can’t reach you while your system is down, they will go elsewhere. (*smallbiztrends.com, 8/19).

How A UPS/Generator Combo Can Protect Your Investment.

While many business owners feel they have a friend in the Cloud, even that source depends on the local grid. This often causes even more difficult situations than before. All your data is digital. Your appointment books and calendars, digital. Your contact forms and phone systems, digital. Finally, to add to all that, when your applications do come online, some can take hours to return to operational status.

While you may not be able to control the power source for your ISP and/or Cloud provider you can at the least keep your POE phones, computers, onsite servers, HVAC systems and the lights operational.  UPS battery backup systems along with standby power generators make a great team.

It’s A Backup Power Source Modern Businesses Need.

While the generator alone can eventually kick the power back on, UPS’s allow for a more seamless transition of power. Not only does the UPS provide power while your generator gets up to proper operating speeds, the battery backup system allows sensitive equipment to continue operation or allows for time to properly shut them down if needed. Also, in many applications, UPS’ alone can be used as the emergency power source. By adding battery cabinets, you can increase runtime an possibly eliminate the need for a Generator.


Let The Critical Power Team Assess Your Backup Power Needs.

If your business needs backup power UPS, Critical Power has exactly what you need. Our team of experts can help determine the right UPS for everything from network closets and server rooms to enterprise and collocation data centers.

We carry high quality Eaton backup power products to protect your business from a host of threats, including power outages, surges and lightning strikes. We also carry Eaton power management products to monitor and control your power infrastructure. Learn more