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Prepare For Cold Weather Outages With An Industrial Diesel Generator

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Winter is indeed coming and that can mean cold weather power outages. Unfortunately, whether it’s tree limbs on power lines, a car skidding into a utility pole or ice affecting the connectivity of your infrastructure, you can always expect power outages during snowy, icy weather. Lucky for us, there is a solution. You just need to buy, service and maintain your industrial diesel generator.

A Generator Is A Powerful Tool

A generator is a powerful tool in the fight against power outages. But, an industrial diesel generator isn’t the only weapon you’ll need. Here are some other ways you can combat power outages and triumph over the cold weather outages.

Come Up With A Plan

Regardless of whether they’re caused by human error or weather alone, you know that cold weather outages will happen. Come up with a comprehensive plan to keep your business afloat during an outage. Be as detailed as possible and factor in any scenario you can think of.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools For The Job

Determine how much power you want your generator to cover, whether you just need emergency power, or your business needs full power. Calculate how much power you need and make sure your generator can handle about 10-20 percent more than that, in case of a dire emergency. A trusted generator retailer can help you to find a generator that fits your business’ needs.

Maintenance And Fuel

You should always have enough fuel to power your business through the worst storm. Ask your county for data on the length of storms and how often they cause outages. Also look for data on how often outages are caused by winter accidents. Estimate how often and how long the outages are, then buy enough fuel to sustain you through that time. Approximate fuel consumption charts can help you to make those calculations. Be aware of laws regulating which ways and how much fuel you can store.Winter Storm

Also, before the winter gets too unmanageable, if you have an older industrial diesel generator, make sure you’ve had it maintained. This way, you know it’s in proper working order.

Winter Is Tough, But Critical Power Is Tougher

Winter may be on its way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t triumph over the cold and snow. Critical Power Products and Services can help you to find an industrial diesel generator that will help your business to battle through the winter. Contact us for more information on how we can help you prepare.