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Pre-Owned Industrial Generators, Exposing The Misconceptions And Myths

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Pre-owned industrial generators can save lives and businesses. They can withstand extreme use and extreme weather. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about the care, use and maintenance of these pre-owned industrial generators. Below we’ve added some much-needed clarification about generators and debunked some of the major myths.

Debunking The Most Prominent Myths About Pre-Owned Industrial Generators

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Generators DO Need Regular Maintenance

Every machine known to man needs some kind of regular maintenance, including pre-owned industrial generators. A good game plan is a mix of scheduled maintenance and preventative measures for your generator, like battery testing, to keep your pre-owned industrial generator in tip-top shape.

Expert Tip: You should run your emergency power system regularly to so you know how well it’s functioning at all times.

Size DOES Matter

You can’t just buy any pre-owned generator and call it a day; different sized generators work best for different jobs and circumstances. How many kilowatts is a major factor in determining the right size generator for your needs. Also, motors with compressors use more power than motors without, so factor that into your criteria as well.

You DO Need An Automatic Transfer Switch

Most pre-owned industrial generators already come coupled with automatic transfer switches, or ATSs. But, if yours doesn’t have one, it’s a good idea to get one. ATSs will automatically start your generator during an incident or power outage, which could literally save your business.

All Fuel Types Are NOT Created Equal

Fuel type is important to consider when you buy a pre-owned industrial generator. Remember that each fuel works differently and they’re availability is different in every area. Also, consider how well an individual fuel works in your climate.

You CANNOT Install A Generator Just Anywhere

The place you choose to install your pre-owned industrial generator should be easily accessible. The location should also be high enough to protect against water damage. If you’re installing indoors, you must follow safety precautions. Always make sure you’re in compliance with federal and state safety and installation guidelines.

Have You Heard Generator Myths That Are Not Listed Here?

Critical Power Products and Services knows their used industrial generators. We can debunk any myths you’ve heard about used industrial generators and give your business solid advice about which generator is right for you. Contact us for information on how we can help you learn more.