Emergency Power Backup

Plan Ahead For Generator Rental

By October 3, 2017 November 19th, 2020 No Comments

Whew! The Atlantic hurricane season has been a doozy so far this year! Between Harvey and Irma, those of us at Critical Power Products & Services have been kept very busy! By far, our biggest demand has been for post-hurricane generator rentals.

That makes now the perfect time to share information about renting a generator, whether it’s for a planned or an unplanned power outage.

Planning For Rentals Is A Must

No one likes to think about disasters happening to them, let alone take active steps to plan for making it through one and its aftermath, but as we’ve said over and over again, disaster planning is a must for home and business owners if they want to return to business as usual quickly after a disaster or emergency situation – or if they simply want A/C and lights after an event. A week and a half after the hurricane hit, some FL residents were still without power. That is a long time to suffer through the heat and humidity.

Fortunately, you can make arrangements for general rental well ahead of the situation. Many generator rental providers offer this type of service. Simply work with a provider when you’re not in an emergency situation (such as when developing a disaster response plan) to determine what size and type of generator you’d like and sign a contract that guarantees you a generator when you most need it. This saves you from the frustration of trying to find an available generator when it will be nearly impossible to do so and provides you a guaranteed price – likely much lower than what you’d pay for an emergency generator rental on the ground.

Even if you don’t have generator rental as part of your disaster plan and did not sign a service contract well ahead of an emergency, you can still take steps to get a generator to your location if a situation arises. Once you know a hurricane is going to hit, for example, call up generator rental companies and reserve a generator to be delivered after the event. You might pay morefor this service than you would with a long-term contract, but it’s still better than trying to find a generator in the aftermath of a disaster.

Learn more about renting a generator by calling Critical Power Products & Services at 855-968-0176 or email us at info@criticalpower.com.