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More Cannabis Grows Require More Reliable Backup Generators

Storms, Wildfires, Weather Extremes and Power Grid Problems Mean Reliable Backup Power Is Essential.

As the Cannabis industry continues to grow around the country, it’s becoming apparent that reliable backup power generator is a must. Too many outside factors can reduce a million dollar cannabis crop into a major loss in a matter of days.

Indoor Cannabis grows, as well as hydroponic flower, fruit and vegetable grows, require plenty of consistent power for temperature control, security, lighting, air movement and water pump operation. If the power goes out, it’s a matter of a day or two before a crop can fail, resulting in millions of dollars in losses.

Critical Power Has Experience In Providing The Cannabis Industry With Reliable Backup Generators.

While some grow operations are located in urban settings, many new facilities are being built in rural or remote locations. All of them are vulnerable to power

Critical Power has new and used diesel, natural gas and mobile generators in stock now! And with the fastest turnaround time in the industry, our experienced sales staff can assess your needs and get reliable backup power installed fast! Our team can also help arrange financing, an ongoing generator maintenance program, or discuss trade-ins for older generators that no longer meet your needs.

Call Us To Help Prevent Cannabis Crop Loss With A Reliable Commercial Backup Generator.

We can provide a no-obligation assessment and quote for a new or used diesel, natural gas or mobile generator for your Grow Operation.

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And we’ll go to work providing you with a generator that will help prevent crop loss in case of power grid failure.