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Make Cooling Costs And PUE Part Of Your Data Center Decommissioning Decision

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As your company grows, you increase your demands on your current data center. At this point, your equipment becomes less and less efficient. It’s important to calculate your power usage effectiveness ratio (or PUE ratio) and your cooling costs, so you can determine how efficient your data center really is.

Calculating cooling costs and your PUE ratio can help you make the decision to relocate or begin data center decommissioning, relocation or demolition.

What Is A PUE Ratio?

Power and cooling costs make up nearly one-quarter of a data center’s budget. That can add up to a lot of money annually. This combined with the power usage effectiveness ratio can wreak havoc on your data center budget.

According to government standards, a 1.0 is an ideal and efficient PUE, with a realistic goal of 1.5 or less. When we calculate PUE, we divide Total Facility Energy by the IT Equipment Energy. This should equal one plus the non-IT generated energy over the IT generated energy. If this sounds complicated, you can ask your data center relocation company for help calculating.

Your current data center configuration may have been efficient enough when your company began, but it’s likely that it’s in desperate need of an overhaul. Overworked data center equipment coupled with outdated airflow management can create a higher than recommended PUE and increased cooling costs. This will cost your company excessive amounts of money over the years.

Lowering Your PUE Ratio Can Save Your Company A Lot Of Money

It may not seem like much, but if a data center decommissioning or relocation can lower your PUE ratio by just .25 percent, your company can potentially save millions. One way to reduce your PUE ratio is to move your data center to an area with a naturally cooler climate. This will reduce cooling costs and non-IT generated energy costs because Mother Nature will be doing some of the cooling for you. Also relocating to a less urban area with lower energy prices can help. And, of course, updating to high-density modules with more efficient airflow is a must.

A Reputable Company That Offers Data Center Decommissioning And Relocation Is Key

Critical Power Products and Services offers the full life cycle of data center decommissioning and relocation services. They understand how data center decommissioning can lower your PUE, saving your company in the long run.

Contact Critical Power today to find out how data center decommissioning can lower your company’s carbon footprint.