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Keys To A Planning A Successful Data Center Migration

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Maybe you’ve outgrown your current data center or your equipment just isn’t running as quickly as it used to. There are so many reasons to relocate your data center. Your data center will run more efficiently, your company will save money and your systems will run faster than ever. It’s just a matter of taking the plunge and doing it. That doesn’t mean you should proceed without a plan. Here are some tips from successful data center migrations and relocations to help you through the process.


Tips For A Successful Migration<

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  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – Should we say it one more time? Always prepare. Make a clear and concise plan for how you want to carry out your data center migration and make several contingency plans in case the original plan falls through. This sounds like a lot of preparation, but if something goes wrong, you’ll thank yourself in the end.
  • You Don’t Need To Hire Tech Gurus – I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wait, what? But data centers are run by the very best tech geniuses.” While this is true, they’re not always the best people to oversee a data center migration. Your tech gurus should continue to run your data center, while you hire a company who specializes in data center migration and relocation.
  • Map The Relationships Between Your Hardware And Software – Moving your hardware is pretty straightforward, but understanding the intricacies of the relationship between hardware and software can be tricky. If you’re doing a complete migration and overhaul of your data center, you need to make sure that someone has mapped out the relationships between specific hardware and specific software, especially if you’re updating that software or hardware to improve data center reliability.

<class=”p1″>Hiring The Right Company Can Help You Keep Your Data Center Racks In A Row

When you’re in the middle of a data center migration, you should be more worried about keeping your racks in a row than your ducks. Hiring a company that can help your data center migration go smoothly and efficiently is very important. Critical Power can help your business migrate their data center with minimal stress on your company or your company’s bottom line. Contact us for more information on how data center relocation can increase revenue and save precious time in the process.