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Insurance Companies Requiring Generator Backup For Businesses

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Insurance Companies Requiring Generator Backup For Businesses

The Texas Power Outage Changed Some Of The Insurance Rules.

The 2021 winter freeze/tornado/ice storm and ensuing power outage hit Texas like a freight train, shutting down every category of business, but hitting the shipping, the petroleum industry and manufacturing especially hard.

It cost millions of consumers, thousands of companies and their insurance providers hundreds of billions of dollars, and the economic effects will be felt for years to come. What was missing? Backup sources of power that could keep things going.

Insurance Companies Are Making Generators Mandatory For Their Customers

Because the winter storm in Texas lasted for a week, and most businesses were unprotected from an extended power loss, business came crashing down. The insurance industry estimates that if businesses had adequate backup power, effects of the storm would have been minimized.

Now, many insurance companies are requesting that backup generators be in place before certain types of business insurance can be issued. Critical Power understands that having reliable backup power can be the difference between keeping the business safe and operational or permanent shutdown, like we saw in Texas.

Critical Power Can Make Your Business “Storm-Proof” and Insurance Compliant.

Our team has the experience to assess your company’s backup power needs and work within your business insurance guidelines to keep you compliant and insured. Critical Power carries a complete new and pre-owned inventory of Diesel, Natural Gas and Mobile Generators. We also offer on-site visits, financing options, ongoing maintenance and can even take trades if you’ve outgrown your current commercial generator.

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We have a team of generator experts on hand to answer questions, offer advice or schedule a no-obligation assessment of your company’s generator or backup power needs.