Protect Your Mining Operation
From Large-Scale Power Failures.

The power requirements for mining industry can be huge, and unless there’s a dependable prime and back-up power source in place, a power outage could destroy profitability, cause injury or cost lives.

When you need reliable, continuous power, temporary power, or a combined heat and power solution, far from any available grid power, Critical Power’s team of experts can keep your operation running smoothly. Trusted by the largest mining operations down to the smallest quarries, we can spec and install generator systems for your mining operations today.

Reliable New or Used Diesel Generators For Prime Or Backup Power

Whether your operation if on-grid or off-grid,  we can help keep you running. We know a profitable mines don’t always exist in easy-to-get-to locations, Our Critical Power team is experienced at helping determine the best generator for your situation. We carry powerful new or used diesel generators specifically tailored to mining operations of all kinds.

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Critical Power can provide your mining operation with trailer mounted power if a mobile power source is needed. We offer new and used diesel and natural gas generators, available on skids or trailers. And if you’re replacing your old generator, we’ll buy that and provide you with a new prime or backup power source.

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