Crytocurrency Mining

Enormous Power Draw Requires A Reliable Backup Power Source

With Crypto Mines cropping up all over the world, the need for a reliable backup generator for these mines is critical.  But because Bitcoin mines use immense quantities of electrical power, any interruption in the flow of power becomes a critical issue.

And not just any backup generator will do for an operation where downtime can be devastating.  Crypto mines require one or more large industrial generators to keep operating during outages.  So critical is this backup power to their operation that they often purchase backups for their backups.

Our team is specially trained to help this relatively new Crypto mine industry stay up and running with some of the most reliable and powerful backup generators available.


  • The global Cryptocurrency Mining market size is expected to reach USD 2584.6 million by 2026.
  • The three factors that determine a crypto miner’s profitability are hardware costs, the price of cryptocurrency and energy costs.
  • Since those energy costs are the only variable that the miners can control, they require backup power in the most cost-efficient and reliable source possible.

Smart Crypto Mining Strategies Include Critical Power

Our team can help you by creating a smart, efficient energy plan to prepare you for any emergency power situation.

new and used generators, for sale, diesel generator


Despite the high price of fuel, diesel generators represent a tried and true power source due to their reliability and longevity.  As long as they’re serviced and maintained properly, they can average 3 to 5 years of continuous use before needing an overhaul.

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new and used generators, for sale, diesel generator


Because of their lower fuel costs, Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Gas generators are by far the most widely utilized stand-alone power sources for many industries.  They’re more electrically and thermally efficient than diesel generators and are the most emission-friendly of the backup power options. They can also be combined with heat-recovery equipment to create cogeneration power plants, which allow the growers to capture the heat from the exhaust and provide inexpensive methods of heating and cooling, through the use of absorption chillers.

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