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Improve Your Data Center Reliability And Performance With Benchmarking

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In the age of the Internet of things or IoT, it had become more difficult to track and improve data center performance and reliability. However, a new tool promises to improve the performance of critical infrastructure. That tool is benchmarking. Here’s how benchmarking can potentially improve the performance of your data center equipment and much more.

A Myriad Of Businesses Already Use Benchmarking Already

Benchmarking is already used in a multitude of businesses, including finance and marketing. Even some activity and step trackers are benchmarking activity vs. rest, so they can maximize on improving the activity to rest ratio for their users.

How Can Benchmarking Help Your Data Center Equipment?

A similar type of benchmarking is being introduced to track data center infrastructure, which includes UPSs and cooling equipment. This is revolutionary because it could not only save money, but it could prevent incidents rather than alert you when they’re happening. Newer equipment will be enabled to collect performance data and communicate with a cloud-based, centralized platform. It would then employ IoT technology on a vast scale to create a large collection of data. This would allow you to gain more insight on how and when a piece of equipment functions at its peak or when it needs servicing, possibly even before it shows any outward signs.

It promises to be delivered as a part of a large-scale digital service offering; meaning your company would be offered real-time visibility, resolution times and alarming. This would lower the costs associated with DSCIM systems and shorten resolution times.

What Benchmarking Needs To Succeed

In short, benchmarking requires a lot of data and the appropriate data, so that it can be accurately compared. It also requires a tremendous amount of scientific expertise. Imagine, in order to have an accurate read, thousands of pieces of data center equipment need to generate hundreds of millions of data points per day. However, what the analysis data points will offer is accurate predictions of data center equipment behavior that can save companies a lot of time and money.

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