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How To Cool Your Data Center More Efficiently

By November 6, 2018 December 5th, 2019 No Comments

The great data center paradox is that data center equipment generates a lot of heat, but they need to be kept cool so they can work efficiently. So, climate control is always a push and pull struggle, which can result in a huge data center cooling bill. Here are some ways to cool your data center more efficiently and maybe save some money on your company’s next energy bill.

  1. Check Hotspots By Testing Your Airflow

Hotspots are exactly what the word suggests, pockets or spots of unusually hot air. Too many hotspots could mean danger for your data center equipment and it could add up to a large utility bill.

  1. Check Your Air Supply

Don’t confuse air supply with airflow. Airflow is how much air your cooling system pushes through your data center. Air supply refers to what each unit is putting out. Making sure each unit has sufficient and efficient air supply can improve overall airflow. Improving airflow and air supply keeps your equipment from working too hard, which saves money.

  1. Check Your Air Temperaturedata center 1

You may have sufficient airflow and air supply, but you also need to make sure the actual temperature of the air is cool enough. This might mean your cooling system may need to be maintained or replaced with an updated, more efficient system.

  1. Check Your Ventilation

Whether you have a raised floor, perforated tiles, holes or gates, make sure they aren’t blocked. Data equipment can get moved and it can shift, which can fully or partially block ventilation and wreak havoc on your air supply, causing your cooling system to work harder.

Critical Power Can Help You To Assess Your Data Center Cooling System

Critical Power can help to make your cooling system more cost-efficient. Contact us for more information on how we can optimize your cooling system or provide one with our many data center cooling systems for sale.