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How Smart Power Distribution Units (PDUs) Help Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Miners

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Bitcoin was the beginning of cryptocurrency. It was no small feat that the invention of Bitcoin inspired the creation of the wide variety of cryptocurrency available today. In fact, there are over 900 different cryptocurrencies in existence today.

How Is Cryptocurrency Made?

Cryptocurrency is created by a process called “mining,” which isn’t mining in the traditional sense, but its similar in the sense that it is a repetitive process that eventually yields currency. In a nutshell, cryptocurrency miners need to confirm every Bitcoin or alternative coin transaction and add it to a blockchain, which is far different from descending a mine shaft! The blockchain verification is often coupled with difficult mathematical equations that the miner must solve. And, it’s not as easy as it sounds, which is why most of us trade cryptocurrency instead of mining it.

How Can Smart PDUs Help The Mining Process?

Since cryptocurrency mining can be power intensive, it can drive up electricity costs tremendously. Smart power distribution units can help you to monitor connected equipment so you can manage power usage. Monitored or switched PDUs work best in this situation because they can remotely monitor through an Ethernet network. You can even be notified of events through automatic alerts.

Smart PDUs Can Monitor Current Remotely

Smart power distribution units monitor power remotely through a feature called a load meter. Miners can see power usage, data and event logs in real time, which can help you to be a more efficient cryptocurrency miner. 

When your load levels are high a smart power distribution unit sends alerts to prevent downtime and other potentially expensive events. The best part is, you don’t have to be there in person when you’re mining in order to adjust your load.

Using a switched PDU allows you to monitor the amps you transmit through each outlet. Although not remotely, this allows you to switch around your connected equipment. Or, if you’re monitoring remotely, you can shut down unused outlets until you can physically be there to reconfigure them.

Smart PDUs Open Doors For New Cryptocurrency Miners

Smart PDUs allow people who have jobs or other obligations to manage cryptocurrency mining, making it more accessible to more people. Critical Power Products and Services is making smart PDUs more accessible, by offering a wide variety of used PDUs. Contact Critical Power for more information on how smart power distribution unit or smart PDU can help you mine the next big cryptocurrency coin and help you manage your energy use at the same time.