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Forget the Formulas, Use Our Online Power Calculator

By March 8, 2018 November 19th, 2020 No Comments

If you can’t keep track of all power conversion formulas needed to size a generator, we’ve got good news – you don’t have to! Our online Power Calculator is all you need to determine your power needs.

Use the Power Calculator to:

  • Determine your power requirement in kW
  • Convert kW to kVA
  • Convert kVA to kW
  • Convert kW to HP
  • Calculate Amperes when you know the kVA
  • Determine the genset size required to start a 3-phase electric motor Direct on Line (DOL)

Use The Power Calculator With Care

There’s no doubt that the Power Calculator is a handy tool and it works great for straightforward calculations and power conversions. If you have a more complex situation on your hands, we always recommend seeking help from a certified electrician. There may be other factors to consider in your power estimation needs.

Critical Power Products & Services Is Here To Help

Critical Power Products & Services wants to make sure you get the right generator for your specific needs. Our Power Calculator is a great start to your research process but for more customized support, get in contact with us. It’s possible that there are other factors that will impact the size and type of generator you need. Those factors might include site conditions, fuel access and availability, altitude, or motor efficiencies.

If anything about buying a generator is giving you pause, just give us a call or send an email with your specific questions. We are here to help!

CPP&S can assist you with all aspects of buying or disposing of a generator. We stock new surplus generators as well as used generators that have been inspected and tested by our team of technicians. It is our goal to be your one source for critical equipment needs, which means that just as you can purchase a reliable generator from us, you can sell it back to us when you don’t need it anymore! If we can’t purchase the genset, we can help you have it removed from your site and disposed of properly, safely, and in accordance with all applicable state and local disposal laws and requirements. 

Call 855-968-0176 or email info@criticalpower.com for all your backup power needs!