Emergency Power Backup

Emergency Generator Rentals Can Save The Life Of Your Business

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Emergency generator rentals can quite literally be lifesavers in case of a natural disaster or other emergency situations. Chances are, your company already has a generator, but they aren’t always enough to prevent or sustain your business during an emergency. Whether you’re preventing a catastrophe or you’re experiencing an actual disaster, an emergency generator rental can save your business. Here are some of the ways and situations where emergency generator rentals can save the life of your business.

Some Situations Are Unpreventable Emergencies

  • Blackouts Or Brown Outs

When regional power outages last more than a few days, you may need extra support. Again, even if you already have a backup generator, you may need more power to keep your business afloat while your community works hard to restore power to your area.

  • Natural Disasters:

It’s hard to predict a natural disaster, however with our advances in meteorology and understanding the nature and timing of hurricane and tornado season, you can certainly plan ahead. Emergency generator rentals can help, sometimes literally, keeping your company afloat until the storm passes.

Some Situations Require You To Prevent Internal Catastrophes

  • Building And Electrical Maintenance Projects

If your building is having their crucial electrical system elements replaced, like circuit breakers, switchgear or voltage regulators, you may need an emergency generator rental. If your building is up for routine servicing or light retrofitting, you may also need to rent a generator, because there is a chance you may need backup if the power has to be cut off. Even if you have a generator, you may need more power than your backup generator can supply.

  • Construction Work

When there is construction work being done to your facility or building, you may temporarily need to offer a higher load than your facility allows. So renting an emergency generator can temporarily raise that load, so that the necessary work can be done.

  • Special Events

If you’re hosting a special event, like a conference, a guest speaker or a trade show, you may need additional lighting, technology and other equipment that may strain your electrical load. The last thing you want to have happen is the power to fail during the event. An emergency generator rental can ensure that you always have power, so your event will run smoothly.

Critical Power Is There To Help In Case Of Emergency

Whether it’s hedging your bets by adding more power during construction or an event or keeping the power on while the storm is raging outside, Critical Power Products and Services is there to help your business through it all. We even offer emergency help for those in need of generator rentals after a natural disaster or event. Reach out to us to find out more information on how we can help you keep the lights on and so much more.