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Electrical Generator Enclosures: Do You Really Need One?

By February 21, 2018 November 5th, 2019 No Comments

If you are buying an electrical generator, chances are you’ve wondered whether or not you also need to buy a generator enclosure. In some cases, you won’t have a choice. Local regulations may require you to site the genset inside an enclosure. In other situations, you may not be required to enclose the generator, but should seriously consider it.

Generator enclosures hide generators from sight, protect the genset from the elements and vandals, and deaden the noise when the machine is running.

Considerations When Choosing A Generator Enclosure

  • Soundproofing. Some enclosures are simply steel boxes that do little to muffle the noise of the generator. If sound is an issue for you, look for enclosures that provide sound attenuation benefits and reduce decibel levels. Large gensets may even be subject to state and local noise level restrictions.
  • Switchgear. If you are paralleling two generators, you’ll have to think about the switchgear. Switchgear is located outside of the two units and it should be protected from the elements as well.
  • Airflow. Ventilation is a must in a generator enclosure. You must have adequate airflow to exhaust fumes and deadly CO buildup. Some enclosures can be outfitted with fans to improve airflow and also help keep the engine cool when it’s running.
  • Sizing. Keep access in mind when choosing the size of the enclosure. Make sure there is enough room for maintenance techs to get in there and do their job and also enough room for the generator itself. When siting the genset and enclosure, pay special attention to the access door to make sure it’s easily accessible.
  • Fuel Tanks. Aboveground fuel tanks can be protected with an enclosure as well.

You will find many different kinds of generator enclosures for sale from bare bones enclosures that simply provide protection from the weather to custom-designed, high-performance, sound-deadening, automated airflow enclosures.

We almost always recommend that our customers purchase a generator enclosure. It protects your investment. It provides a safe place for machine techs to work. It helps keep generator noise levels down and it provides a finished look outside of your facility.

View our current generator enclosures inventory here or contact Critical Power Products & Services to ask about generator enclosures.