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Data Centers At Cell Towers? It’s Not Impossible

By November 27, 2017 March 2nd, 2020 No Comments

As more and more content is accessed on mobile devices, there is more and more strain placed on “edge networks”. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for these edge locations to keep up with demand, sending data to and from far-flung data centers and cloud providers. There’s been some talk of creating micro data centers at cell tower sites to help support this load.

This is an interesting idea that has a lot of potential. Doing this kind of computing locally can reduce logjams at the central data center/repository and increase the speed at which data is processed. Google already does this, though not at cell towers. Learn how Google’s edge network functions by clicking here.

Why Micro Data Centers At Cell Towers Could Be a Good Idea

Edge computing is basically a hybrid cloud environment where smaller data centers share information with larger, more centrally-located centers. Also, a micro data center located at a cell tower could be an ideal way to provide faster data services and siting micro data centers at cell tower sites could be a good way to maximize use of already developed land.

Micro data centers are small, compact, self-contained footprints that could provide a much needed service without taking up much space at the tower site. Bu, requiring as little as 100 square feet of space, a cell tower-based micro data center isn’t impossible. They’re also increasingly affordable thanks to an increase in out-of-the-box solutions and modular capabilities.

Of course, there are a lot of questions still to be answered and logistics to work through like site and data security, and translating radio traffic and packets, but the idea has merit and we’re curious to see where it goes and how this concept develops.

This is just more evidence that the data center world is ever-changing! It’s always interesting to see what’s up-and-coming in this industry!

What do you think about placing micro data centers at cell tower sites? Do you currently rely on micro data centers for your business?