Data Center Decommissioning Services

A reliable data center is crucial for successful business operations these days; what worked in the past may no longer work for your business – technology changes, data demands increase, and businesses grow. These changing business demands may require you to decommission your data center and relocate operations, but decommissioning a data center yourself is an intimidating process.

If you don’t know where to start, begin with a call to Critical Power Products & Services (CPP&S). We provide data center decommissioning, demolition, and deconstruction services that help companies improve their bottom lines while simultaneously reducing technology’s impact on the environment.

Data Center Decommissioning And Asset Recovery
Maintaining multiple data centers or inefficient data centers is costly – in terms of both time and money. Critical Power Products & Services (CPP&S) helps you save on these costs by providing expert data center decommissioning and data center asset recovery services. Our team has over a century of combined experience, helping businesses manage their data centers for maximum efficiency based on current market conditions and business needs.

Our services include:

  • Data center decommissioning services
  • Data center demolition
  • Data center deconstruction
  • Data center tear down
  • Data center asset recovery
  • Data center asset recycling

    Make The Most Out Of Your Old Data Center

    Data centers are extremely complex to manage and data center demolition or deconstruction is no less complex. Decisions must be made about what to do with the equipment. Reuse it? Sell it? Dispose of it? How and where do you do this?

    This is where Critical Power Products & Services can help. We simplify data center decommissioning by managing the entire process for you. Our in-house experts can assess, value, deconstruct, disassemble, transport, dispose of, recycle, restore, sell, and/or relocate all data center equipment. Through it all, you maintain a single point of contact with one person at CPP&S. There is no need to try and coordinate your data center deconstruction with multiple vendors.

    Our service technicians have experience in both data center creation and data center decommissioning, providing full service and support at every stage of the data center life cycle. We utilize proven methods that help major organizations satisfy bottom line demands for economic and environmental sustainability.

    Click here to view our Portfolio of recent data center projects.

    Responsible Disposal Of Data Center Assets

    Just because your data center equipment no longer works for you doesn’t mean it has no value. There is a market for used data center equipment. CPP&S works with buyers and sellers to reuse data center equipment as much as possible. That puts money back in your pocket that can then be used to contain costs or finance your new data center.

    When reuse is not possible, we leverage our relationships with waste haulers, recyclers, and smelters to dispose of data center equipment in a safe, environmentally-responsible manner. We believe so strongly in the proper disposal of data center equipment that we work only with regional U.S. based partners. This ensures that your data center waste isn’t transported to another country where it can pollute the local environment. All local, state, and federal disposal guidelines are followed and every client is presented with a Certificate of Recycle ensuring that your waste was disposed of safely.

    Benefits Of CPP&S Data Center Services

    Partnering with CPP&S for data center decommissioning means:

    • Full service, end-to-end decommissioning and/or disposal services and project management.
    • Expert teams of professionals with decades of experience.
    • All planning, labor, and technical expertise provided.
    • Equipment buyback program, hazardous waste disposal services, and asset liquidation services are available.

    Recoup as many costs as you can by partnering with Critical Power Products & Services for data center deconstruction and data center asset recovery. Call (855) 968-0176 to learn more about our data center service and to get started!

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