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Data Center Relocation: 6 Factors To Consider In Choosing A Cooling System

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If your data center and/or cooling unit are no longer efficient, you may want to consider a data center relocation. A different data center means different cooling system needs. Here are some ways to assess the cooling needs of your existing data center or a data center you’re planning to relocate to.

Here Are 6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cooling System:

1. Parameters

The parameters of your facility will dictate many of the parameters of your cooling system. Consider these factors when thinking about a cooling system:

    • The ambient temperature
    • The type of insulation
    • The size
    • The length of the existing ducting, if any
    • Your data center’s thermal load (or the amount of energy that’s required to cool a space in one hour)?

2. Hot And Cold Airflow

Most cooling units must have access to fresh air in order to operate efficiently. This is sometimes referred to as fresh air intake.

The object of the game is to cool a data center’s equipment so it can operate efficiently. We often talk about cooling capabilities, but we don’t always discuss hot air exhaust. Cooling systems also generate heat that needs to be routed out of your facility and dissipated. You always need to factor in the room necessary to dissipate that hot air.

5. Humidity

Humidity, with or without heat, is another a factor that we don’t always think about when installing a cooling system. You may not need to worry about humidity if you’re in a low-humidity location, like Las Vegas or Arizona. But, higher humidity can cause your cooling unit to work harder. Some units come with a humidification control upgrade, which helps to maintain the overall climate and temperature.

6. Location Temperature

Just like humidity, the temperature can play a large roll in how you cool your data 

center. Much of this is common sense, but if your data center is located in a warmer area, like Florida, you’re going t

o need to use more energy to cool it. If your data center is located in Minnesota or Alaska, you’ll need less energy to cool.

Which Cooling Unit Should Your Choose For Your Data Center Relocation?

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