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Data Center Equipment: How You Organize Is As Important As What You Organize

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Does your business use direct cloud storage? Do you run your own data center? Alternatively, are you taking advantage of a colocation agreement? Regardless of your configuration, it’s important for all of your data center equipment to run smoothly and to avoid preventable accidents. Sometimes how you organize your equipment is as important as the equipment you have. Here are some helpful tips on how to organize your data center equipment.

Organize By Temperature

Different servers and mainframes need different temperature-controlled areas and airflow. One way to make sure you have the right airflow and temperature is to use wire shelving to arrange your data center equipment by their individual cooling and airflow needs. Wire shelving works well because it allows nearly 360 degrees of airflow, which is essential to keeping high-capacity equipment cool. They allow you to arrange each piece of equipment in the direction it needs to be for proper airflow. They also ensure certain equipment stays separate from others.

Plan For A Quarantine Area

Use corrosion and static resistant plastic shelving to create a quarantined area outside of your data center. This allows you to unpack things that can’t be brought into the data center or assess where an item should go, without data center 2introducing to it the data center immediately. This area must be kept clean at all times, which is another reason why plastic shelving is a good idea. Using NSF certified plastic shelving helps even more because it guarantees your ability to keep the area sanitary.

Manage Your Cables

We know, cables seem like such a small thing, but disorganized, unruly cables can detract from the airflow in your data center. They can also be just plain hazardous. If you’re unable to find which cable attaches to which equipment, it’s hard to prevent or de-escalate overheating issues. It also makes it hard to pinpoint faulty or failing cables. Using color-coded zip ties can help to organize your cords. You can also “trunk” your cables. “Trunking” is precisely what it sounds like, you organize your cables by putting them in color-coded rubber sleeves, or trunks.  

Airflow Issues Are Just As Likely As Security Breeches

Security needs to be inspected regularly, but so does airflow. Airflow Issues are just as likely as security breaches or 

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intrusions, if not more likely. Having secured lockers and a security partition can help to maintain airflow and

 maximum security. Develop a system where you both test the security and airflow because an overlooked issue is alsoan expensive one.

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