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Data Center Decommissioning Services: When Your Company Hits A Financial Brick Wall

By April 27, 2018 November 5th, 2019 No Comments

Decommissioning can be daunting. However, it can really help you maximize on capital that’s, quite literally, being thrown away. Cooling costs are one of the biggest reasons companies decommission data centers, but there are other financial factors that contribute, as well. When your company hits that financial brick wall, you may want to consider data center decommissioning services to free up some capital, or to potentially reassess your business strategy.

But before you even begin data decommissioning services, you should hire a reputable company to do the job. Once you’ve found a reputable company, follow these four tips to make sure your data center decommission goes smoothly.

1. Evaluate Expenses And Liabilities

A reputable data center decommissioning company will offer turnkey services and solutions. But you still need to consider costs, the impact of the process and how it’s going to affect your company. 

2. Assign A Point Of Contact

Chances are the company you hire to do data decommissioning services will assign you a point of contact person. That person will be your eyes and ears throughout the process. If your company has the resources, they should also assign a point of contact person, so that both points of contact people are working seamlessly to get the decommissioning job done.

3. Revisit Your Lease

If you do not own the data center or the property your data center is sitting on, make sure you check all of the lease parameters and requirements before you decommission. Plus you’ll want to ensure you’re data decommissioning company is following the correct procedure when you vacate the building andproperty.

4. If You Decide To Sell, Consider The Right Vendors For Your Equipment

If you plan to sell your generators, cooling systems and computer hardware, list the vendors you think might be the most interested in purchasing your equipment. This way, you’ll be ready to sell once the decommission is over.

Expert Tip: Take pictures of your equipment before and after the decommission, so your buyers can see the full scope of what they’re buying.

Your Data Decommission Company Will Handle The Rest

Tracking serial numbers and auditing equipment can be a tedious task, and so can disposing of e-waste. The company you trust with your data decommissioning services can help you through the process of auditing, tracking serial numbers, properly disposing of e-waste and recycling what can be salvaged via EPA regulations and standards.

Critical Power Is There When Your Company Hits That Brick Wall

Critical Power Products and Services understands that crucial decisions need to be made when your company hits that brick wall. Our data centerdecommissioning services can help your company get back on it’s feet again, or move on to it’s next phase. Contact us for more info on how we can create pathways and possibilities for your company.