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How Data Center Consolidation Can Help You Meet Overall Business Objectives

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Data center consolidation is usually thought of solely in terms of IT benefits such as reducing the business’ IT footprint or making better use of IT personnel and equipment. But it can be much more than that. An effective consolidation plan can help businesses meet overall company goals. In this post we have identified 5 ways data center consolidation can do so.

5 Additional Benefits To Data Center Consolidation

Besides reducing your IT footprint, and perhaps budget, data center consolidation can help your business:

  1. Minimize costs. One of the biggest arguments for consolidation is cost reduction. Consolidating several data centers into fewer is a clearcut way to reduce individual site and maintenance costs. But it can also be a great way to contain the total cost of ownership by expressly building the system to accommodate future growth.Sungard Project
  1. Increase agility and responsiveness. Data center consolidation isn’t only about reducing cost. It should also be about improving the systems performance and usefulness for the business. A new data center should be developed with an eye towards improving the system’s flexibility, agility, and responsiveness
  1. Build resiliency. Older, inefficient data centers are at risk of system failure (invariably at the most inopportune times!). A consolidation should factor in resiliency and redundancy to protect systems from unplanned outages and minimize service disruption to your end users. You don’t have to make the entire system redundant, but critical data and applications should get special attention so that they are always available when needed.
  1. Improve productivity. Faster, more reliable systems, optimized storage, better organization, and more uptime mean improved employee productivity and happier customers. Don’t just transfer everything over as-is. Make an effort to maximize system capabilities and streamline operations to boost productivity.
  1. Increase user satisfaction. How upset do you get when you encounter a slow server or a glitchy program? A data center consolidation is your chance to eliminate these issues for your employees or customers and improve their satisfaction with the system and your company.

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