ASCO Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches



We carry a full line of ASCO Transfer Swtiches.

For more than 100 years, ASCO has provided the most complete and reliable lineup of Manual and
Automatic Transfer Switches. Whether your application is a house or a hospital, ASCO products willASCO ats #1
ensure that you never lose power, even for one minute. Trust ASCO to keep you running through
storms, blackouts, and power interruptions

ASCO Series 300 Power Transfer Switches
• Residential, Commercial, & Industrial
• 30A – 3000A
• Cost Effective and Fast Shipping
• Open & Delayed Transition
• Manual, Automatic, Service Entrance

ASCO Series 7000 Power Transfer Switchesasco #2
• Critical Power Facilities
• 30A – 4000A
• Open, Delayed, Closed Transition
• Manual, Automatic, Service Entrance
• Bypass‐Isolation
• 12, 18, & 30 Cycle Ratings