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Critical Power’s Refurbished Computer Room A/C

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Our Refurbish Process Is The Best In The Business.

We Warranty What We Refurbish

One of the keys to our Critical Power P&S success has been our effort to purchase quality used Commercial A/C equipment and refurbish it to operating at peak efficiency.  We buy select used equipment, ship them to our facility and have our team put them through industry’s most thorough inspection and start up process.

Our goal is to provide our customers with incredibly reliable, refurbished A/C systems they can depend on for many years…at an affordable price.

Our Inspection Process

Every used unit we buy receives the following initial Inspection:

  • Main fan HP & voltage
  • #1 Compressor
  • #2 Compressor
  • Replace all belts
  • Replace all contactors
  • Install shipping blocks (compressors)
  • Replace filters
  • Make sure System is charged, capped and readied for shipment.

Our Start-up Process

  • Turn main disconnect ON
  • Check all control voltage transformers for proper output. Change tap if necessary.
  • Check fan rotation for proper direction. Change wiring at contactor if necessary.
  • Check Main Fan amps and record.
  • Increase temperature set point to energize reheats. Check and record amperage.
  • Adjust all set points if needed for proper operation after testing.
  • Increase humidity set point to energize humidifier. Check and record amperage.
  • Chilled water and econo coil (glycol) only. Decrease temperature ser point to energize valve. Check for full valve travel in cooling mode.  Adjust controls out of cooling mode, then check for valve closure.
  • Decrease humidity set point to call for dehumidification. Check for valve travel in dehumidification mode.
  • Decrease temperature set point to energize compressor(s). Check and record compressor amps.
  • Check compressor operation pressure and record to include suction pressure, discharge pressure.
  • Clear sight glass.
  • Check Compressor oil sight glass per operation manual, adjust accordingly.
  • Check superheat on each circuit per operation manual.
  • Check pressure switch settings, high pressure cutout and low pressure cutout.

Repaired, Renewed and Backed By The Best Team In The Business

We can also provide our clients with professional shipping, site prep, installation and ongoing maintenance of our refurbished equipment.   Providing this “one stop shop” service is one of the reasons Critical Power P&S.

For more information on buying or selling used Computer Room A/C systems, call us at 855-968-0176 or visit our website