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Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators Part 2: Pricing And Selling

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This is the second of a two-part series to walk you through the process of selling your used industrial generator. As we mentioned in the first installment, finding a reputable vendor that not only offers excellent customer service but offers an appraisal is key. This will help you to price your used industrial generator. Here are some other tips that can help your vendor appraise your generator, so you can easily price and sell it.

Accurate Information And Description Makes Pricing Easier

It’s often difficult to determine a fair price for your used industrial generator. Many of us have no idea what to charge or how to find comparably priced generators. This is why the appraisal is so critical. In order to get an accurate appraisal, be sure to include these items in the description, either as a photo, written or both.

You Should Include:

  • The Basic Requirements, Including Hose Types, Coupling Types, Maintenance Requirements, And Fuel Tank Requirements
  • The Decibel Level When It’s Running
  • Whether It’s Still Under Warranty
  • The Kilowatts
  • The Maximum Capacity Load
  • The Last Time The Load Bearing Was Tested
  • The Generator’s Brand
  • The Generator’s Age
  • Whether It Has An 1800 Rpm Or 3600 Rpm Motor
  • Whether It Was A Backup Generator Or For Primary Use
  • What Kind Of Fuel Or Fuels It Can Use
  • Whether It Has Liquid Or Air Cooling Systems
  • The Number Of Previous Owners, If There Are Any Other Than You
  • Where You Had It Installed
  • Whether It’s An Outdoor Generator Or An Indoor Generator
  • A List Of Special Features, Like Alarms And Indicators

You should also offer the vendor your repair history. They will often determine if whether to provide it with by request or on the actual listing itself. You should

include the transfer switch and/or electronic panel and whether the installation will be included in the price. Offer your vendor a link to your used industrial generator’s manual. Regardless of whether they post it on the listing, having it on hand for potential customers is a plus. Plus, if you haven’t gotten your generator load tested recently, you should. Many vendors require it for large and expensive generators.

Always Answer Questions Quickly

Many buyers are interested because their business immediately needs a used industrial generator. Whether you’re their first or their hundredth pick; when they ask a question, make sure yours is the first answer they receive, especially if the inquiry has to go through a third-party website, which takes a little more time. Fast responses equal fast sales.

Critical Power Has The Tools You Need To Sell Your Used Industrial Generator

Critical Power Products and Services has a wide variety of industrial generators to both buy and sell. They are the go-to vendors for listing your used industrial generator for sale. Contact us for more information on how to sell your used industrial generator.