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Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators Part 1: Getting Started

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Sometimes selling used industrial generators can be just as stressful as buying them. The first thing your company should do is to find a reputable vendor who will allow you to post your generator. You’ll want to use a vendor that explicitly sells generators, coolers, chillers and other equipment. Sites like eBay are too generalized, and sites like Craigslist can be too sketchy. Find a site with a good reputation, reliable customer service, and an online appraisal service. Once you’ve done that, follow these tips to help you get the process of selling your generator started. Then, see the Part 2 of this series. 

Determine When Your Generator Needs To Be Sold

The first question you should always ask when you decide to sell a generator or any piece of equipment is: How much time do we have to sell it? This will determine many, many decisions in the selling process. If you have a limited time to sell, then it’s more important than ever to pair up with a well-connected vendor, like Critical Power. If your used industrial generators are being showcased on an industry leader’s website, you’re more likely to sell faster. They can connect you with the right kinds of buyers and the right types of businesses.

Take Good Photos

It’s true, a picture can speak 1,000 words. This is why most listings without pictures often get skipped over. People get skeptical and apprehensive when they can’t see the product in front of them. Here are some tips on how to take pictures of the generator you want to sell.

Include A Photo Of:

  • The Front
  • The Back (If You Can Take The Photo Safely)
  • The Product Identification Number
  • The Rubber Pads, Trailers Or Skids
  • The Voltage Stamp
  • The Hour Meter
  • The Engine ID Tag
  • The Generator In Its Enclosure
  • The Engine, Close Up
  • The Battery Panel, The Block Panel, Or Transfer Switch
  • The Brand Stamp
  • Any Extras That Come With It, Like Emergency Stop Buttons Or Alarms

Make sure your photos are clear, and all words are legible. Clear photos are honest photos, it means that there are no filters and your generator has nothing to hide.

Stay Tuned For Part 2 Of Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators

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