Project Portfolio – Navisite

Project: Navisite – San Jose CA

Equipment Involved: 

  • 3,750 kw of generator power
  • 900 tons of data center cooling
  • 22(qty) PDU’s
  • 28,000 sqft of raised access flooring
  • 450 server racks
  • Large switchgear lineups
  • 2(qty) 3000 kVA transformers
  • 2(qty) 1000 gallon fuel tanks
  • 12(qty) bottles of FM200
  • 2500 kVA of UPS’s

Work Completed:

  • Inside:
    • Along with the disconnect and removal of equipment we demo’d all interior walls and drop ceiling throughout the 28,000 sqft data center. Once the floor was clear on the 1st floor we had a crew come in and grind the floor to prep it for vct or carpet. We removed and disposed of 28,000 sqft of cubicles and offices on the second floor. We removed a freight elevator and filled in the pit and opening in the second floor. With removing the ceiling we restored the fire system back to wet and turned up the sprinkler heads to code. Once the second floor was empty we went back through and patched and painted all holes. Once that was complete we had a cleaning crew come through and thoroughly clean the entire floor to include vents, lights, and windows.
    • We built a new electric room and relocated all switchgear required to run the base building HVAC, lights, etc and re-fed the circuits.
  • Outside:
    • We demo’d the existing generator yard and transformer yard. Installed all new curbing and concrete as well as the asphalt and striping. We then added a light pole and landscaped to return the parking for a normal office space.
  • Roof:
    • We removed 28 condensing units to include the dunnage underneath. Once complete we had our roofers come in and patch and warranty the repairs.

We handled the engineering and permitting for the project as well.

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