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3 Key Considerations For Data Center Relocation

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Considerations For Data Center Relocation

Data center relocation isn’t as simple as unplugging servers, hauling them to a new site, and plugging them back in. It’s a challenging and complex process that, in many cases, puts the entire company on the line. Sensitive business data and expensive machines are at risk during the move and mission-critical systems will be out of play until the transition concludes. A data center relocation is not something to be left to chance.


There are three key factors that come in to play in every data center relocation:


  1. Recognize the need for professional help and seek it out.
  2. Take time to plan and document everything.
  3. Get your team in place.


Recognize The Need For Professional Help And Seek It Out


As we mentioned above, a date center relocation (DCR) isn’t something you can take lightly, nor is it something most businesses can handle themselves. Removing, relocating, and setting up such machinery in a safe and efficient manner is something that is best left to the pros. A DCR project manager needs to be experienced in relocations; one who gets all the planning and pre-move work, like risk identification, budgeting, and workflow planning, that needs to be done in addition to the actual physical move. Those are rare qualities to find in an internal candidate, which is why most businesses hire outside data center relocation professionals to help them with their move.

Take Time To Plan And Document Everything


Planning is a crucial step in any DCR, as is documentation. You may be wondering what there is a document and the answer is: Everything! Anytime details are left to one person or in someone’s head, there’s just one point of reference and one point of failure. Your business is worth too much to risk having everything rely on one person. Four documents that are a must for every project are:

  • The present method of operation. This is shows what you have now and what will be moved. It includes diagrams and lists describing everything in the existing environment in great detail.
  • The desired future outcome. This is where you hope to be once the DCR is complete. It defines success and details the placement of all relocated components. It should also include any planned changes such as new equipment and capabilities or upgrades.
  • How you’ll get there. This is your roadmap to success. It defines the processes needed to complete the transition and includes budget numbers necessary to make it happen. It also includes known risks and mitigation options, the DCR timelines, and communication plan.
  • The implementation plan. This is a detailed assignment list and timeline that includes the steps, dates, and personnel needed to complete the DCR. Be sure to include a “Day of Move Plan” to outline what needs to occur and when on Move Day.

Budgeting Your Data Center Decommissioning

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Decommissioning your data center is a huge decision. While your operation and cooling costs may be dragging you down, you may wonder if it is worth demolishing or decommissioning your data center and relocating to a new facility or a cloud-based facility? Most often the answer to that question is “Yes.” When you find that your operating costs are becoming insurmountable, data center decommissioning and relocating can revitalize your data center’s performance. 

Consider Turnkey Services And Solutions

Much of the revenue you lose during data center decommissioning is lost manpower. Employees who usually contribute to your business will now be overseeing your decommissioning and those losses add up. Turnkey services and solutions free up your employees to continue earning for your business, while your trusted data center decommissioning company takes care of your demolition, relocation or transition to the cloud.

Selling Salvageable Equipment

Decommissioning and demolishing your data center does not mean every bit of equipment is unusable. There are many companies that will buy data center equipment to repurpose or refurbish it. This may add more money to your data center decommissioning budget, but it also keeps more equipment out of landfills.

Donating Electronics

This seems more charitable than lucrative, but it’s actually a bit of both. Many charitable organizations will take slightly outdated electronics and techno trash that have been cleaned and wiped. Your company may not get paid, but legitimate charitable organizations, like a 501c3, consider donations tax deductible.

Evaluate Your Lease

You may be able to rearrange your lease agreement in order to accommodate your data center decommissioning, especially if you’re completely demolishing your data center. Your lease may have certain parameters and conditions that accommodate your data center. See if those parameters and your costs change if you decommission your data center. 

Critical Power Can Help You To Budget Your Data Center Decommissioning

Critical Power Products and Services understands that data center decommissioning is no small decision or task. We have the know-how and experience to help you budget your decommissioning project.  Contact us for more info on how we can begin revitalizing your data center.

Why Use CPPS For Your Turnkey Demolition And Relocation Solutions?

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Do you still remember the early days of your business? The long hours, the grueling schedule and where you had to attempt everything on your own. Maybe you’re business is still in this phase, maybe you’ve risen to the next level, but regardless of where your business is currently, did you ever consider turnkey solutions?


If you’ve never heard the term “turnkey”, it refers to services that require no work or effort from the hiring business. It’s just like the reference suggests, you just turn the key and go.

A turnkey project is often associated with adding on to a business, like adding a building or computer system, but it can also refer to decommissioning equipment, too. Decommissioning is a tough job, but turnkey data center demolition and data center relocation services is as easy as a phone call.

Critical Power generator

Can It Really Be That Easy?

For you the customer, it really is that easy. Here’s what we do:

  • We do a walkthrough of your facility, including a site survey
  • We remove all equipment from the site
  • We manage safe removal and handling
  • We handle proper disposal of material and equipment
  • We manage any recyclable materials
  • We obtain any permit for disposing of hazardous waste and transporting equipment

Then we notify you when the equipment and materials are removed so, we can proceed with the next step. Whether you decide on data center relocation services, our data center demolition services or both.


Turnkey Solutions Offer You Peace Of Mind

Our turnkey solutions don’t just offer you peace of mind, they allow your company to operate during a data center demolition or while we complete our data center relocation services.

Data center demolitions and/or relocations can free up valuable and necessary time, energy and funds.

This can really allow your business to grow! If your employees are occupied with all of the tasks involved in these massive changes, they’re not doing what they are trained to do. This is a huge drain on your bottom line. This is why our turnkey solutions are so essential to maintaining your business. Don’t backlog your employees with a data center relocation or demolition. Let us handle what we do best, while your employees do what they do best!

Critical Power Products And Services Offers Unparalleled Turnkey Solutions

Critical Power Products and Services offers unparalleled turnkey solutions for every type of data center demolition and relocation. Contact us today! Ask about our data center relocation services and demolition services and find out how we can help your business thrive.


The Quickest & Easiest Road Back to Core and Shell

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The Quickest & Easiest Road to get your Commercial Property back to Core and Shell

Attention Property & Facility Managers! Did your Tenant leave equipment behind?

Often times, the items left behind is the equipment that was either too cumbersome or time consuming to disconnect and remove. And once it is disconnected and removed, what do you do with it? How are you going to cover all of the heavy costs that accumulate from hiring technicians, engineers, rigging specialists, freight companies and more? And finally, how are you going to accomplish all of this while minimizing unoccupied time between tenants? Let CPP&S help, this is one of our Specialties!


Critical Power has been providing products and services to professionals in the data center and property management industry for nearly 25 years. With one call, our team of seasoned and motivated Project Managers go to work. Here is a brief rundown of what they can do for you;

  • Walk your site and provide a detailed site survey and asset management plan.
  • Handle all of the calls and meetings necessary to line up the best team to complete the project
  • Utilize Critical Power’s expansive preferred partnership list to source the highest quality, most cost effective and efficient way to complete the project on time and under budget.
  • Monitor and assist in testing, removing, rigging, and shipping the equipment involved.
  • Refurbish and Market the equipment on Critical Power’s website which sees well over 35,000 visitors each month.
  • And ultimately, put capital back in your pocket, instead of a bill.  dollar-sign-profits

Read Testimonials from some of our most recent projects!


Critical Power equipment installation







Here is a list of the main types of equipment the Critical Power specializes in:

  • Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane Generators, 20 kW up to 4 MW
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Batteries and Battery Cabinets
  • Maintenance Bypass Cabinets
  • Computer Room Air Conditioners, 5 Ton and Larger
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Raised Access Flooring
  • Network and IT Gear
  • Transformers

Check out our Portfolio of our most recent projects!

To learn more about the benefits of Partnering with Critical Power please visit us online. and follow us! To reach us by phone call 1-877-315-4176, M-F, 7am-4pm

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