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The Final Countdown: 4 Steps To A Seamless Data Center Demolition

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Is your company migrating to a cloud? Are you consolidating? Are you relocating or collocating? Either way, you’ll need to start the process of eliminating obsolete and unneeded equipment from your current data center. This begins with an IT asset disposition or ITAD plan. Making an ITAD plan can help you to responsibly dispose of or recycle the data center equipment you don’t need.

Managing Your ITAD Plan

Data center demolition requires a detailed ITAD plan, whether you’re completely overhauling your system, or just consolidating for efficiency. Here are some helpful steps to planning your ITAD strategy.

1. Identify What You Need To Dispose Of And center pic for webiste

Here’s where it’s important to hire a company that offers proper disposal, recycling and data sanitation services. You need to reconfigure and consolidate to maintain efficiency, but you should never sacrifice security to do it.

2. Off-Site Or On-Site Data Wiping?

Your ITAD plan should involve data wiping, but should that data be wiped on-site or off-site? On-site data wiping is more expensive but allows you to oversee the process. Off-site is less costly, however, you cannot oversee the process, but you do receive verification. This decision all depends on how much you trust your data center demolition company and the sensitivity of the information your company stores.

3. Write Your Plan Down

Your ITAD strategy should be written and detailed. It should have a beginning, middle and most importantly, an end. Many times, if you haven’t planned your data center demolition, the process can drag on. This can cost precious time and money.

4. Find A Trusted ITAD Company That Can Take On Your Data Center Demolition

Finding an ITAD company you can trust for your data center demolition is fundamental. Make sure your ITAD company offers environmentally responsible practices, recycling, reselling of refurbished equipment (for you to sell, as well as buy) and a long history of excellent customer service. Remember, communication is key, so if they don’t have good customer service, it can be challenging to communicate your plan or voice your concerns.

Critical Power, The Data Center Demolition Company You Can Trust

Trust Critical Power Products and Services for all of your data center demolition needs. We’re happy to walk you through the ITAD process and review your goals and plans for decommissioning, demolition and reconfiguring your data center.

How Transformer Recycling Can Save You Money

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Removing an old transformer can be costly and time-consuming, but ultimately it’s a necessary evil if you want your business to grow. However, there are ways that you can save money and even make money on a transformer removal if you consider recycling your transformer.

Consider Transformer Recycling

Transformer recycling ensures that your old transformer is safely removed and the salvageable parts are reused. Here are some services you need to consider when you’re looking for a company to recycle your transformer. These services will save you time and money, and save the environment as well.

Transformer Recycling Services That Can Save You Money

Onsite Teardown And Recycling

Most transformer recycling companies relocate a transformer to what we call a “laydown area.” This is where they tear down the transformer and salvage the recyclable parts. Transporting a transformer is extremely costly, so you should look for a company who offers onsite teardown and recycling services.

Paying You For Your Old Transformer

That’s right! You can find a company who uses transformers and will actually pay you for your surplus. This can take a significant chunk out of the cost of your transformer removal, you could break even or make money on the transaction. This is a win-win situation all around.

Other Services To Look For:

These services may not save a significant amount of money in the long run, but they will make the process smoother and easier to handle, which saves you time. And as we all know, time is money!

Make Sure The Company You Choose Offers:

  • Oil recycling
  • Transformer recycling of various voltages, from 1 kva to 1000 mva
  • Transformer recycling of various types, such as Dry Type, Oil filled, Pole Mount, Pad Mount and Substation Units
  • An Environmentally Sensitive and Safe process

You May End Up Better Off Than You Were Before You Recycled Your Transformer

It’s true. You probably thought that removing and disposing of your transformer would set your business back, but if you choose the right company and services, you can come out financially ahead.

Critical Power Can Guide You Through The Process Of Recycling Your Transformer

Critical Power Products and Services is an industry leader in transformer recycling innovation. We offer onsite teardowns and recycling, oil recycling, environmentally sensitive practices and so much more. Contact us for more information on how you can recycle toys transformer and still come out ahead.

Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators Part 2: Pricing And Selling

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This is the second of a two-part series to walk you through the process of selling your used industrial generator. As we mentioned in the first installment, finding a reputable vendor that not only offers excellent customer service but offers an appraisal is key. This will help you to price your used industrial generator. Here are some other tips that can help your vendor appraise your generator, so you can easily price and sell it.

Accurate Information And Description Makes Pricing Easier

It’s often difficult to determine a fair price for your used industrial generator. Many of us have no idea what to charge or how to find comparably priced generators. This is why the appraisal is so critical. In order to get an accurate appraisal, be sure to include these items in the description, either as a photo, written or both.

You Should Include:

  • The Basic Requirements, Including Hose Types, Coupling Types, Maintenance Requirements, And Fuel Tank Requirements
  • The Decibel Level When It’s Running
  • Whether It’s Still Under Warranty
  • The Kilowatts
  • The Maximum Capacity Load
  • The Last Time The Load Bearing Was Tested
  • The Generator’s Brand
  • The Generator’s Age
  • Whether It Has An 1800 Rpm Or 3600 Rpm Motor
  • Whether It Was A Backup Generator Or For Primary Use
  • What Kind Of Fuel Or Fuels It Can Use
  • Whether It Has Liquid Or Air Cooling Systems
  • The Number Of Previous Owners, If There Are Any Other Than You
  • Where You Had It Installed
  • Whether It’s An Outdoor Generator Or An Indoor Generator
  • A List Of Special Features, Like Alarms And Indicators

You should also offer the vendor your repair history. They will often determine if whether to provide it with by request or on the actual listing itself. You should

include the transfer switch and/or electronic panel and whether the installation will be included in the price. Offer your vendor a link to your used industrial generator’s manual. Regardless of whether they post it on the listing, having it on hand for potential customers is a plus. Plus, if you haven’t gotten your generator load tested recently, you should. Many vendors require it for large and expensive generators.

Always Answer Questions Quickly

Many buyers are interested because their business immediately needs a used industrial generator. Whether you’re their first or their hundredth pick; when they ask a question, make sure yours is the first answer they receive, especially if the inquiry has to go through a third-party website, which takes a little more time. Fast responses equal fast sales.

Critical Power Has The Tools You Need To Sell Your Used Industrial Generator

Critical Power Products and Services has a wide variety of industrial generators to both buy and sell. They are the go-to vendors for listing your used industrial generator for sale. Contact us for more information on how to sell your used industrial generator.

Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators Part 1: Getting Started

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Sometimes selling used industrial generators can be just as stressful as buying them. The first thing your company should do is to find a reputable vendor who will allow you to post your generator. You’ll want to use a vendor that explicitly sells generators, coolers, chillers and other equipment. Sites like eBay are too generalized, and sites like Craigslist can be too sketchy. Find a site with a good reputation, reliable customer service, and an online appraisal service. Once you’ve done that, follow these tips to help you get the process of selling your generator started. Then, see the Part 2 of this series. 

Determine When Your Generator Needs To Be Sold

The first question you should always ask when you decide to sell a generator or any piece of equipment is: How much time do we have to sell it? This will determine many, many decisions in the selling process. If you have a limited time to sell, then it’s more important than ever to pair up with a well-connected vendor, like Critical Power. If your used industrial generators are being showcased on an industry leader’s website, you’re more likely to sell faster. They can connect you with the right kinds of buyers and the right types of businesses.

Take Good Photos

It’s true, a picture can speak 1,000 words. This is why most listings without pictures often get skipped over. People get skeptical and apprehensive when they can’t see the product in front of them. Here are some tips on how to take pictures of the generator you want to sell.

Include A Photo Of:

  • The Front
  • The Back (If You Can Take The Photo Safely)
  • The Product Identification Number
  • The Rubber Pads, Trailers Or Skids
  • The Voltage Stamp
  • The Hour Meter
  • The Engine ID Tag
  • The Generator In Its Enclosure
  • The Engine, Close Up
  • The Battery Panel, The Block Panel, Or Transfer Switch
  • The Brand Stamp
  • Any Extras That Come With It, Like Emergency Stop Buttons Or Alarms

Make sure your photos are clear, and all words are legible. Clear photos are honest photos, it means that there are no filters and your generator has nothing to hide.

Stay Tuned For Part 2 Of Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators

Critical Power Products And Services is your one stop site for buying and selling used industrial generators, UPSs, PDUs, coolers, chillers and much more. Contact us for more information on how we can help you sell your used industrial generators.

Benefits of Buying Used Industrial Generators

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When businesses decide to buy a standby generator they often gravitate towards new equipment, but that’s not your only option. Used industrial generators are an excellent way to get reliable, standby power at an affordable price.

Learn the difference between Single and Three PhaseSingle Phase vs Three Phase

4 Benefits of Buying Used Industrial Generators

When buying industrial generators, you’ll need to consider your needs and then determine if new or used is the right fit for your business and your budget, but all other factors being equal, here’s what you can expect from buying used industrial generators:

  1. Major Price Discounts. The most obvious benefit to buying used industrial generators is the price. Used generators cost much less than new machines, often for no other reason than simply being pre-owned. Name brand used generators can cost as much as 40-60% less than comparable new generators.
  1. Low Hours. Another big benefit to buying used generators is that they often have very few hours on them, especially if they were used for standby purposes only. You can get a like-new machine for used pricing. Generators are built to last and last they do. Many gensets can run into the 10’s of thousands of hours. You should not be concerned if the used generator you have your eye on has a few hundred hours on it as long as you have access to the maintenance records and can assure yourself it’s been well maintained.
  1. Tested and Proven. A used generator has already proven itself in operation. You can’t say the same for new equipment. If you buy your “new to you” generator from a trusted reseller like Critical Power Products & Services you have the additional peace of mind that the generator has undergone stringent testing to ensure safety and performance. Some used generators have even been refurbished to like new condition, providing even greater benefits.
  1. Immediate Availability. Need your generator ASAP? Buying used industrial generators will ensure the equipment arrives right on time. Used generators are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. If you buy new, you’ll likely have to place and order and wait weeks or months for fulfillment and delivery.
Need to calculate your power needs? Or maybe you need to convert KVA to KW, or KW to HP. Check out this Power Calculator! 

Browse Used Industrial Generators At Critical Power Products & Services

Critical Power Products & Services stocks used industrial generators from the biggest names, including Caterpillar, Cummins, and Generac. We buy and sell used industrial generators across a range of industries. All of the generators for sale on our site have been fully inspected and serviced and we guarantee their performance.

Contact our team at 877-315-4176 or browse our inventory online to find your next used industrial generator.


The Quickest & Easiest Road Back to Core and Shell

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The Quickest & Easiest Road to get your Commercial Property back to Core and Shell

Attention Property & Facility Managers! Did your Tenant leave equipment behind?

Often times, the items left behind is the equipment that was either too cumbersome or time consuming to disconnect and remove. And once it is disconnected and removed, what do you do with it? How are you going to cover all of the heavy costs that accumulate from hiring technicians, engineers, rigging specialists, freight companies and more? And finally, how are you going to accomplish all of this while minimizing unoccupied time between tenants? Let CPP&S help, this is one of our Specialties!


Critical Power has been providing products and services to professionals in the data center and property management industry for nearly 25 years. With one call, our team of seasoned and motivated Project Managers go to work. Here is a brief rundown of what they can do for you;

  • Walk your site and provide a detailed site survey and asset management plan.
  • Handle all of the calls and meetings necessary to line up the best team to complete the project
  • Utilize Critical Power’s expansive preferred partnership list to source the highest quality, most cost effective and efficient way to complete the project on time and under budget.
  • Monitor and assist in testing, removing, rigging, and shipping the equipment involved.
  • Refurbish and Market the equipment on Critical Power’s website which sees well over 35,000 visitors each month.
  • And ultimately, put capital back in your pocket, instead of a bill.  dollar-sign-profits

Read Testimonials from some of our most recent projects!








Here is a list of the main types of equipment the Critical Power specializes in:

  • Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane Generators, 20 kW up to 4 MW
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Batteries and Battery Cabinets
  • Maintenance Bypass Cabinets
  • Computer Room Air Conditioners, 5 Ton and Larger
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Raised Access Flooring
  • Network and IT Gear
  • Transformers

Check out our Portfolio of our most recent projects!

To learn more about the benefits of Partnering with Critical Power please visit us online. and follow us! To reach us by phone call 1-877-315-4176, M-F, 7am-4pm

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