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We Only Sell What we can Guarantee

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We Only Sell What we can Guarantee

We rely on a special in-house refurbishing and testing process for turning used Generator equipment into dependable, clean, ready-to-use machines.

Here at Critical Power we take our mission statement very seriously: To be the provider of choice by providing quality equipment and building lasting relationships through consistency, transparency, and the drive to provide the best service in the industry.

We accomplish this through process and commitment. We know selling Generator equipment that was previously in the hands of someone else can be tricky. The complete maintenance and use history of the machine is often sketchy at best. And disconnecting and moving large equipment presents its own set of potential problems. This is why we developed a special process that allows us to guarantee each piece of equipment we sell.

Multiple Inspections, Evaluations And Tests

We inspect each piece of equipment before purchase and shipment to our facility. Once delivered, another visual inspection is performed to make sure nothing occurred during shipping. Then the Critical Power Technical Team takes a deeper dive into the machine using our unique 60-point inspection list. Our highly trained and experienced technicians know just where to seek out common trouble spots and issues.

Once the team goes through the inspection list and makes any needed notations then it is time to begin the repair and test phase. Needed parts would be ordered and installed. Additionally, most Generators will receive all new fluids and filters. Finally, Load Bank tests are performed and recorded on all Generators! Watch our techs run a load test here  (Watch a Load Test of a 2 MW Cummins!)

But we’re not finished yet! A quality weather enclosure can be a crucial part of keeping your investment protected, so we make sure our enclosures are properly installed and functional. Often base tanks and enclosures are sand blasted and re-painted to allow it to handle many more years of abuse from the elements.

Have more questions about our process? Talk to a CPP&S Generator Specialist today! (CONTACT US)

Critical Power guarantees all Pre-owned Equipment to start and function properly upon arrival and installation from a licensed technician.  View our inventory here (VIEW INVENTORY)

Prepping for the Unexpected

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We are living in strange times.

Being prepared is always a smart way to handle unexpected situations. One thing people often fear greatly, losing access to electricity. Power outages can be scary and dangerous. Yet, there are few things you can have control over, your emergency backup power is one of them. Checking on your Generator is key!backup generator onsite

When the grid gives out, backup power generators can kick it. Things like solar panel roofing tiles, improvements to wind and hydro sources and breakthroughs in other power storing innovations are in the works. But the fact of the matter is, many of those are not obtainable for the average small business owner. Often a long period of the doors being closed for a business can mean the end.

The fact that generators are important is nothing new. But often they can be neglected and poorly maintained. Most are rarely used until they are NEEDED! Now that you may be thinking the time is near that you may need it, go check on it now! Don’t wait until it’s go time to find out you have an issue.

What to Check

Checking on your backup generator does not have to be complicated. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Is the unit clear of debris/foliage/etc. These machines need to breathe. Keep the area around the unit clean
  2. Check the lines, hoses and wiring for signs of damage from weather/rodents/insects etc. Small critters often nest in and around generators that have been sitting idle.
  3. Fuel source connected and full. This one is obvious.
  4. Battery/batteries. If the unit has not been cycled on a regular basis your batteries may end up needing to charge or even be replaced. Charging from a dead draw can take time. Keep them cycled regularly
  5. Control panel. A dead control panel can be a serious issue if not discovered until it is too late. They are not the type of thing you can buy at a local store when needed. Test them regularly.

It’s not working! What now?

Time to ask for help. Sure, but how do you help them, help you?

  1. Take a picture of the generator data tag, engine data tag and the over all unit. This will make it easier for a tech to assist you.
  2. If possible, note the number of starts and hours on the machine.
  3. Make sure access to the machine is available. Techs will often get to you when they are available, access to yards and buildings may be necessary.
  4. “My business must stay open!” We understand. Best to stay calm. If conversations go smooth and emotions remain in check, giving details to techs can be much more effective.

In closing, you have a generator, so you are already ahead of the game. Take the time to look after your investment. Be detailed in your maintenance logs, test and check the system regularly. Ask for help! CPP&S has been assisting business owners and property managers for many years. Our team has created an extensive web of partners and clients allowing them to be valuable assets in the critical infrastructure industry.

Critical Power is here to help, we are open Monday thru Friday, 630am to 330pm PST.

Give us a call!

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