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Basic Safety Tips For Used Industrial Generators

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Used industrial generators often find new life as standby generators. This is no surprise since diesel generators are some of the longest-lasting engines on the market. But just because they’ve lasted this long doesn’t mean they are automatically safe. There are several safety precautions you’ll need to take to keep your generator operating properly for years to come. Read More

Industrial Diesel Generators: Know Your 3R’s When Prepping For Tornado Season

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Thankfully, tornado season is behind us for another year. However, the best time to prepare for tornado season is right after tornado season. States that are in “Tornado Alley” should begin making preparations immediately after the threat of tornado season is over. Checking and servicing your industrial diesel generator and other emergency equipment is a must. Read More

Why Natural Gas Generators Deserve A Second Look

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If you browse our inventory regularly, you’ve no doubt noticed that we stock both diesel generators and natural gas generators. Although diesel generators used to be the go-to for reliable backup generator power, natural gas is giving diesel some strong competition as natural gas prices have dropped and the gas has become more widely available through pipelines, tanks, and cylinders. 

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