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Western U.S. Power Outages Loom Large. Backup Generators Can Save Your Business!

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Longer Lead Times In Generator Delivery Require Action Now!

The experts say the drought conditions in the Western U.S. probably won’t get better in the near future. And things could get worse in the coming years. That means power shortages, power outages and wildfires caused by dry conditions are here to stay.

And now that the shipping and supply chain has been compromised and employee shortages are rampant, delivery on new or used diesel, natural gas or mobile backup generators simply takes longer.

Critical Power Urges if you need a new or replacement generator, order now!

The team at Critical Power has new and pre-owned and refurbished generators in stock now, but in order to efficiently fill orders, we’re encouraging our customers to order now and prepare for longer lead times. Custom orders may take a bit longer.

However, we’re still fully staffed with experienced people ready to help design, install and maintain the backup systems we sell.

Let Us Assess Your Company’s Power Vulnerabilities

It’s not just drought-related power outages you need to worry about. Wildfires, floods, hurricanes and weather extremes can all cause short or long-term blackouts that can cripple or destroy your business.

Our team has decades of experience in helping customers determine the right reliable backup power needs, planning the installation, and crafting a long-term maintenance plan. We can also help with financing and trade-ins.

Critical Power Can Help You Plan For Future Disasters And Avoid Lengthy Generator Delivery Lead Times.

We’ve all been through enough in recent years. With COVID, supply chain problems, product shortages and skyrocketing prices, sitting back and waiting for something to happen just doesn’t work. By taking control of your company’s future and preparing for the worst, you can preserve a profitable future.

Call Critical Power at 855-968-0176 and start the process of protecting your business.

Western Wildfires Creating Need For Backup Power

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Critical Power Has The Best Generator Delivery Turnaround Time Available!

Now that wildfires are an unfortunate reality of life, that means the accompanying power outages to large, vulnerable areas of the U.S are inevitable. Additionally, since wildfires usually occur during hot, dry weather, the need for air conditioning tends to overtax the power grid, creating the need for rolling blackouts.

Businesses are the ones that suffer most in these situations. How long can your company go without backup power?

Critical Power has been working with commercial customers to provide reliable, affordable backup generators in those areas affected by wildfire-caused power outages.

A Reliable Source Of Backup Power Can Keep Your Business Running During Wildfire Season.

With the fastest turnaround time in the industry, Critical Power can provide your company with a new or pre-owned diesel, natural gas or mobile generator. Since different companies have different backup power needs, our experienced sales staff can provide you with the right generator to fit your specific needs.

We also offer financing options, ongoing generator maintenance and are happy to discuss trade-ins if you currently have a generator that doesn’t meet your needs.

Wildfire-Caused Power Outages Are Increasing. A Backup Generator Can Keep Your Business Running!

With generators in stock, we can help every business category, from manufacturers, dairy farms, grocery stores, data centers, mills, mines and cannabis grows. You name it, and we can deliver reliable backup power in diesel, natural gas and mobile form.

Let Critical Power Assess Your Backup Power Needs.

Contact a member of our seasoned sales team to determine the right type and size of generator that can keep your company up and running.

Call 855-968-0176 For A No-Obligation Generator Estimate.

Insurance Companies Requiring Generator Backup For Businesses

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Insurance Companies Requiring Generator Backup For Businesses

The Texas Power Outage Changed Some Of The Insurance Rules.

The 2021 winter freeze/tornado/ice storm and ensuing power outage hit Texas like a freight train, shutting down every category of business, but hitting the shipping, the petroleum industry and manufacturing especially hard.

It cost millions of consumers, thousands of companies and their insurance providers hundreds of billions of dollars, and the economic effects will be felt for years to come. What was missing? Backup sources of power that could keep things going.

Insurance Companies Are Making Generators Mandatory For Their Customers

Because the winter storm in Texas lasted for a week, and most businesses were unprotected from an extended power loss, business came crashing down. The insurance industry estimates that if businesses had adequate backup power, effects of the storm would have been minimized.

Now, many insurance companies are requesting that backup generators be in place before certain types of business insurance can be issued. Critical Power understands that having reliable backup power can be the difference between keeping the business safe and operational or permanent shutdown, like we saw in Texas.

Critical Power Can Make Your Business “Storm-Proof” and Insurance Compliant.

Our team has the experience to assess your company’s backup power needs and work within your business insurance guidelines to keep you compliant and insured. Critical Power carries a complete new and pre-owned inventory of Diesel, Natural Gas and Mobile Generators. We also offer on-site visits, financing options, ongoing maintenance and can even take trades if you’ve outgrown your current commercial generator.

Call Us 

We have a team of generator experts on hand to answer questions, offer advice or schedule a no-obligation assessment of your company’s generator or backup power needs.

It Could Be Time For A Generator Upgrade

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Will The Move Away From Fossil Fuels Cause You To Trade In Your Existing Generator?

Take a good, hard look at your current backup generator … if it’s more than 20 years old, it may not be meeting your current capacity needs. Just like the engine in your truck, backup generators sometimes need major service or replacing, especially given the sporadic use they experience.

Upgrade From Your Current Generator To A New Or Refurbished One From Critical Power

If your current generator isn’t meeting your needs, upgrading has never been easier.  As questions surrounding fossil fuels increase, it’s important that your company’s backup generator be operating at peak efficiency. Maybe it’s time to look at a reliable, state-of-the art, fuel-efficient diesel unit. Or maybe changing from diesel to natural gas makes more sense. And it’s possible your company’s needs now require one or more efficient mobile generators.

Critical Power has a good selection of new or refurbished diesel, natural gas and mobile generators available now! One of our experienced generator consultants can look at your existing backup unit … we may be able to give you a trade-in estimate to fit your budget. We can handle everything from picking up your trade-in, determining the right replacement, and professionally installing it … anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Diesel, Natural Gas, and Mobile Generators In Stock!

As the country’s fuel needs and availabilities change, Critical Power can help you change with them. Upgrading your generator to a more efficient model, or changing the fuel source entirely might make good financial sense, saving your company tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Call Critical Power for a professional evaluation of your current backup power situation. We’re happy to provide you with estimates over the phone or come to your site for a full inspection.

Critical Power Is Veteran-Owned and Proud Of It!

Call to talk with one of our generator professionals today, at 855-968-0176.

COVID Vaccine Storage Creating Backup Power Issues

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Reliable, Special Refrigeration At Distribution Points Have Businesses Concerned.

As the U.S ramps up to provide hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to the American public, the “where and how” of delivery to patients will be both difficult and complicated.

The bottom line: both the Moderna and Pfizer versions of the vaccine require special refrigeration, at -20º Celsius and  -70º Celsius respectively (that’s -4 and -94 degrees Fahrenheit). Since hundred of millions of people will need to receive 2 doses of the vaccine, plans are to distribute the shots at places like Walgreens, CVS, Walmarts, local grocery stores and even ordinary businesses. In every case, the vaccines must be kept refrigerated and very few of the aforementioned businesses are prepared for what’s coming.

What Happens If The Power Goes Down At Vaccine Distribution Sites?

Do the tens of thousands of proposed distribution sites have reliable backup power to handle the special refrigeration requirements? Not at all…especially if there’s a winter power outage.

That’s why the team at Critical Power is preparing to help provide new or used diesel, natural gas or mobile power generators where needed. We can help businesses assess the emergency power generation needs, determine the right generator and help to assure efficient delivery and installation.

We Have New & Used Backup Generators In Stock!

We have generators ready to go right now!

With vaccine distribution happening in the next month or two, it’ll be important to prepare your business now! The obvious vaccine distribution locations like drug stores, grocery stores, businesses with large staffs, simply aren’t ready, but Critical Power can help. Since we won’t sell what we can’t warranty, we’re an established industry leader in providing quality emergency power generators for the U.S and Canada.

To talk with one of Critical Power’s Backup Power Generator experts, call us at 855-968-0176.

SMALL BUSINESS = LARGE INVESTMENT. Protect It With Reliable Backup Power.

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SMALL BUSINESS = LARGE INVESTMENT. Protect It With Reliable Backup Power.

Today, starting a business looks a lot different than it did even 10 years ago. *Digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate while at the same time raising the expectation of the end-user. This means outages can be very costly for companies. If a customer can’t reach you while your system is down, they will go elsewhere. (*, 8/19).

How A UPS/Generator Combo Can Protect Your Investment.

While many business owners feel they have a friend in the Cloud, even that source depends on the local grid. This often causes even more difficult situations than before. All your data is digital. Your appointment books and calendars, digital. Your contact forms and phone systems, digital. Finally, to add to all that, when your applications do come online, some can take hours to return to operational status.

While you may not be able to control the power source for your ISP and/or Cloud provider you can at the least keep your POE phones, computers, onsite servers, HVAC systems and the lights operational.  UPS battery backup systems along with standby power generators make a great team.

It’s A Backup Power Source Modern Businesses Need.

While the generator alone can eventually kick the power back on, UPS’s allow for a more seamless transition of power. Not only does the UPS provide power while your generator gets up to proper operating speeds, the battery backup system allows sensitive equipment to continue operation or allows for time to properly shut them down if needed. Also, in many applications, UPS’ alone can be used as the emergency power source. By adding battery cabinets, you can increase runtime an possibly eliminate the need for a Generator.


Let The Critical Power Team Assess Your Backup Power Needs.

If your business needs backup power UPS, Critical Power has exactly what you need. Our team of experts can help determine the right UPS for everything from network closets and server rooms to enterprise and collocation data centers.

We carry high quality Eaton backup power products to protect your business from a host of threats, including power outages, surges and lightning strikes. We also carry Eaton power management products to monitor and control your power infrastructure. Learn more

Should Your Company Buy Or Rent An Emergency Backup Generator?

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Should Your Company Buy Or Rent An Emergency Backup Generator?

Pros/Cons of Renting Vs Buying Commercial Backup Power

When the power goes out, how do you protect your business? For many companies, restoring power right away is critical. Hospitals, grocery stores, manufacturers, and companies that depend on access to communication, security or safety can’t afford outages that last longer than a few minutes.


There’s no arguing that having immediate access to backup power can save a business. Whether it’s a large diesel backup generator capable of powering a large data center or hospital during a blackout, or a smaller natural gas generator keeping a mom and pop grocery store running during a storm, being able to flip a switch and have immediate backup is reassuring. But that immediate reassurance requires an upfront purchase. There’s a wide variety of options for business owners…new diesel, natural gas or towable generators vary by size and capability. Pre-owned generators are also an option, many have low hours and most have been refurbished and are available with service contracts.


While there is a cost savings in renting a backup generator during an emergency, the difference between renting and buying isn’t as significant as it might sound. In head-to-head analysis of just one emergency situation where a generator would be needed, renting can cost almost the same as purchasing.

And there’s another downside…emergency availability! Often, when the power grid goes down, you’re often competing with other businesses looking to rent a generator.  Will one be available? If so, when? Will the rental agency be able to install in a timely manner? Will they have the size, model or capabilities you’re looking for? Based on the laws of supply and demand, what will the fees be? If a suitable generator isn’t available, what’s the actual cost to your business and can you survive it?

The Verdict:

In the long run, buying is almost always a safer, less expensive way to preserve your company during a serious power outage.

At Critical Power, we have experience helping companies weight the pros and cons of renting versus buying. We offer a wide array of new and pre-owned generators in diesel, natural gas and towable options, and can help determine the best solution to your backup power needs.

Contact one of our experienced backup power professionals and help secure your company’s future in an emergency situation.

Is Your Business Power-Ready For This Year’s Natural Disaster Cycle?

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Wildfires, Droughts, Floods, Riots, Hurricanes and Winter Storms Can Destroy Your Business!

Will this be the year your business is tested? Without reliable backup power, your business can be compromised or destroyed. Interruptions to local or regional power grids can last for days, weeks or even months, so to keep your company operating, reliable prime or backup power is not just suggested, it’s required.

Your Company Has Very Specific Emergency Power Needs

Large retail outlets, data centers, schools, hospitals and manufacturers all have different requirements when it comes to emergency power. That’s why it’s important to have a professional backup power need assessment to ensure your business survives whatever happens.

What Type Of Commercial Backup Generator Will Work Best?

Will a new backup generator be sufficient, or will a new one be required? Does the situation require the dependability of a diesel generator, or will it need the quiet, energy efficiency of natural gas. Or will a mobile or towable generator make more sense?

These are all questions the experts at Critical Power can help answer. We have a large inventory of new and used diesel, natural gas and mobile or trailer-mounted generators.

The Time To Act Is Yesterday

The next disaster won’t wait…it could happen next month, next week or tomorrow. To protect your business investment against whatever comes next, the time to assess your backup power needs is now. A phone call to one of Critical Power’s experts can help get the ball rolling to make sure your company survives whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Contact us today or view our inventory of new and used generators.

How Has 2020 Changed Backup Power For Hospitals?

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Hospitals and Emergency Services Have Unique Electrical Challenges.

Hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients. Aside from creating previously unforeseen power needs, health care experts are now forced to set up on-site and off-site triage systems to categorize patients before admitting, often requiring backup power systems with greater generating capacity, or even off-site mobile power generators.

The Health Care System Needs To Adapt!

It’s time to assess your hospital’s backup power needs. Is your current primary or backup generator able to provide for your power needs? Is it old and in need of replacement? Would a mobile generator allow you to treat more patients more quickly?

Those are questions the experts from Critical Power are prepared to help answer. The situation may require that you have quick access to a new or used diesel, natural gas or mobile generator. We can help deliver exactly what you need in the shortest timeframe. And if a replacement generator is needed, we can even talk to you about purchasing your existing one.

Contact us today or view our inventory of new and used generators.

320 kVA Magnum Mobile Generator 3

COVID-19 Is Changing How Industries View Emergency Backup Power

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Will The Virus Affect Your Business’ Power Needs?

The COVID-19 virus has had far-reaching effects on the business and industrial worlds.  Aside from causing a downturn in business in nearly every category, layoffs, reduced shifts, and even plant shutdowns have become a reality. Of further concern is what happens if there’s an interruption to the power grid during the COVID crisis?

Your business, whether it’s running at full capacity or temporarily paused due to staffing cuts or layoffs, requires a constant, dependable source of power.

What If Power Is Interrupted During The Pandemic?

Chances of a catastrophic power failure cascade actually increase during crisis situations like this. Reduced staffing, government cuts to key infrastructure, and unforeseen emergency situations can all mean additional opportunities for power grid interruption.

The Pandemic Is Changing the Way The World Uses Electrical Power

Is your business prepared?

We currently offer a wide range of new and used diesel, natural gas and mobile generators for virtually any commercial or industry situation. The pandemic is changing the way the world does business and the way it uses power…we can help you be ready if the lights go out.

Contact us today or view our inventory of new and used generators.