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Critical Power’s Refurbished Computer Room A/C

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Our Refurbish Process Is The Best In The Business.

We Warranty What We Refurbish

One of the keys to our Critical Power P&S success has been our effort to purchase quality used Commercial A/C equipment and refurbish it to operating at peak efficiency.  We buy select used equipment, ship them to our facility and have our team put them through industry’s most thorough inspection and start up process.

Our goal is to provide our customers with incredibly reliable, refurbished A/C systems they can depend on for many years…at an affordable price.

Our Inspection Process

Every used unit we buy receives the following initial Inspection:

  • Main fan HP & voltage
  • #1 Compressor
  • #2 Compressor
  • Replace all belts
  • Replace all contactors
  • Install shipping blocks (compressors)
  • Replace filters
  • Make sure System is charged, capped and readied for shipment.

Our Start-up Process

  • Turn main disconnect ON
  • Check all control voltage transformers for proper output. Change tap if necessary.
  • Check fan rotation for proper direction. Change wiring at contactor if necessary.
  • Check Main Fan amps and record.
  • Increase temperature set point to energize reheats. Check and record amperage.
  • Adjust all set points if needed for proper operation after testing.
  • Increase humidity set point to energize humidifier. Check and record amperage.
  • Chilled water and econo coil (glycol) only. Decrease temperature ser point to energize valve. Check for full valve travel in cooling mode.  Adjust controls out of cooling mode, then check for valve closure.
  • Decrease humidity set point to call for dehumidification. Check for valve travel in dehumidification mode.
  • Decrease temperature set point to energize compressor(s). Check and record compressor amps.
  • Check compressor operation pressure and record to include suction pressure, discharge pressure.
  • Clear sight glass.
  • Check Compressor oil sight glass per operation manual, adjust accordingly.
  • Check superheat on each circuit per operation manual.
  • Check pressure switch settings, high pressure cutout and low pressure cutout.

Repaired, Renewed and Backed By The Best Team In The Business

We can also provide our clients with professional shipping, site prep, installation and ongoing maintenance of our refurbished equipment.   Providing this “one stop shop” service is one of the reasons Critical Power P&S.

For more information on buying or selling used Computer Room A/C systems, call us at 855-968-0176 or visit our website

Millions Without Power! The Reliance On The Electrical Power Grid Isn’t Enough!

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Winter Shows You’d Better Have A Reliable Backup Plan (Generator).

Once-in-a-decade hurricanes.  Once-in-a-century winter storms.  Never-before-seen power outages.   As weather extremes become the norm rather than the exception, having reliable backup power has NEVER been more important.

Let’s face it…the U.S. power grid is old, antiquated and extremely vulnerable and the source electrical power it provides is no longer guaranteed.  To ensure your business can continue through difficult times, a reliable source of backup power is required.  Critical Power is a leading provider of emergency generators.  New and used diesel, natural gas and mobile generators and the warrantees to back them up, are what we sell.

What Will A Week Without Power Cost Your Business?  What About 2 Weeks?

When you do the calculations, losses from storm or natural disaster power outages involve losing profits you won’t get back.  How long can your business survive without power?  When the power lines are down, you’re on your own.

Our experts at Critical Power can help you assess your vulnerabilities, review your emergency power needs and recommend the best generator to fit your situation.

We have new and pre-owned/refurbished diesel, natural gas and mobile generators in stock and ready to ship.  We can also help with custom power solutions, on-site installation and ongoing maintenance.

Have An Existing Generator You’d Like To Sell?  We’re Interested!

If you’d like to sell your current generator, trade-in or trade up, our sales staff is interested in discussing what you have.  Just let us know.

The U. S. Power Grid Occasionally Fails…And Will Fail Again.  Guaranteed!

Make Critical Power your “Plan B”.  Contact one of our experienced Sales Team members for a no-obligation estimate for how a reliable backup generator can help you prevent a business disaster when natural disasters strike.

Call:  877-317-4176

We are Critical Power Products & Services

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We are Critical Power

“I am very pleased and excited to announce some great advancements in our company. I am honored to be the owner of CRITICAL POWER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Critical Power Products & Services (CPP&S) has been a national brand in providing Critical Products and Services to professionals in the Data Center, Property Management and alike industries. Also, with a new name to reflect the array of benefits companies can experience in working with us.

We have taken all the very best that was part of CPP&S to form a new company with even more products and services to serve our customers.

Our team of Project Managers are all seasoned professionals with tremendous knowledge and have vast experience in the industry, driven to exceed our customers’ expectations.

I’ve been in the industry for over 7 years, and our team of professionals is, by far, the best team I have ever been associated with.

Also, I invite you to take a look at our website to learn about who we are and what we do:

Or, give us a call at: 855-968-0176


Will Alt
CEO & Owner

New Name, New Owner, Same World Class Team!

Critical Power is located in beautiful Post Falls Idaho. Also, we are just east of the Washington state boarder and south of the Canadian border. Our team is ready to turn your POWER ON we carry new and pre-owned Generators, Air Conditioners, UPS, PDU, and other mission critical equipment.

Over a Century of Experience Specializing in Critical Infrastructure Products and Services


Critical Power Products & Services LLC
A veteran owned company