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COVID Pandemic Drives Sales Of Industrial Generators

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Business Lockdowns, Employee Furloughs, Power Grid Concerns Prompt Companies To Consider Backup Generator Installation.

The uncertainty the COVID-19 Pandemic has thrust on businesses of all categories has caused top managers to consider more “what if?” scenarios.  With many companies now operating with drastically reduced staffs,  modified hours of operation, supply chain and delivery interruptions, and adherence to local, state and federal COVID restrictions, keeping the doors open has become complicated.

With less people working due to the slowed economy, there are less people operating and maintaining the power grid.  Natural or man-caused power outages are slower to get back up and running.  Repairs to critical equipment take longer, replacement parts are slowed by shipping problems…the COVID-damaged economy requires new solutions.

New or Pre-Owned Back-up Power Can Keep A Company Running During COVID-Related Emergencies

Is the need for constant, reliable power an Achilles Heel for your company?  Critical Power has been helping businesses evaluate their power needs and providing backup power solutions in the form of new or used diesel, natural gas, or mobile generators.

Since every situation is different, Critical Power’s team of experts craft custom solutions to meet specific business needs.  Hospitals, data centers, food processors, manufacturers and grocery stores all have different backup power needs.  We can assess those needs, even if it means a site visit,  and recommend the right reliable generator, arrange installation and offer ongoing maintenance.

Do You Have An Existing Generator?  We Might Be Interested In A Purchase Or Trade-In Agreement.

If your company has grown, downsized or changed with the times, Critical Power is interested in discussing the purchase your current generator and replacing it with a more appropriate, more dependable power source.  Our Critical Power experts can provide options, prices and timelines that suit your needs.

We Provide Backup Power Solutions For Companies All Over The U.S. And Canada.

Avoid A COVID Or Economy-Related Power Outage! Critical Power has generators in-stock and ready to ship.  Call our team of professionals and we will begin the process of protecting your business against expensive shutdowns due to power outages.

Call 855-968-0176 to speak with one of our team members.

Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators Part 1: Getting Started

By | Buying and Selling Generators

Sometimes selling used industrial generators can be just as stressful as buying them. The first thing your company should do is to find a reputable vendor who will allow you to post your generator. You’ll want to use a vendor that explicitly sells generators, coolers, chillers and other equipment. Sites like eBay are too generalized, and sites like Craigslist can be too sketchy. Read More