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Cannabis Farmers Use Generators To Try And Save Crops After Wildfires

By November 6, 2017 November 19th, 2020 No Comments

There’s been a lot of focus on the damage California’s recent wildfires have done to the region’s winemakers, but an equally as hard-hit industry are the marijuana growers. The fires could not have hit at a worse time – October is harvest time and recreational sales in California are set to being in January 2018. Many cannabis farmers are now facing an uncertain future, but are doing what they can to save their crops.

Generators are helping them do so.

Power For Water And Clean Up 

Growers have turned to generators to help salvage what they can of their marijuana crops. For some, that means using generators to pump water to their plants. For others, generators are powering fans so farmers can try and keep the heat down and clear out smoke and pollutants released by the fires. Even if crops can be saved, growers face quality concerns over plants that have been coated in soot and ash.

Safety First

Although generators are often used to help grow marijuana, and in this case, save crops, they do have dangers, if they aren’t properly operated. In fact, one of California’s 2016 wildfires has been traced back to a portable generator.

Hopefully, now that growing is legal in the state, farmers will take proper precautions and consult electricians and generator providers to create a safer operation. Both electricians and generator providers can help farmers properly size their power equipment, ensure it is properly connected to the growhouse, and even create automatic systems that require less manual operation. All three of those steps can help prevent overheated engines and reduce the risk of power loss and/or a fire starting.

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