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Budgeting Your Data Center Decommissioning

By November 6, 2018 October 28th, 2019 No Comments

Decommissioning your data center is a huge decision. While your operation and cooling costs may be dragging you down, you may wonder if it is worth demolishing or decommissioning your data center and relocating to a new facility or a cloud-based facility? Most often the answer to that question is “Yes.” When you find that your operating costs are becoming insurmountable, data center decommissioning and relocating can revitalize your data center’s performance. 

Consider Turnkey Services And Solutions

Much of the revenue you lose during data center decommissioning is lost manpower. Employees who usually contribute to your business will now be overseeing your decommissioning and those losses add up. Turnkey services and solutions free up your employees to continue earning for your business, while your trusted data center decommissioning company takes care of your demolition, relocation or transition to the cloud.

Selling Salvageable Equipment

Decommissioning and demolishing your data center does not mean every bit of equipment is unusable. There are many companies that will buy data center equipment to repurpose or refurbish it. This may add more money to your data center decommissioning budget, but it also keeps more equipment out of landfills.

Donating Electronics

This seems more charitable than lucrative, but it’s actually a bit of both. Many charitable organizations will take slightly outdated electronics and techno trash that have been cleaned and wiped. Your company may not get paid, but legitimate charitable organizations, like a 501c3, consider donations tax deductible.

Evaluate Your Lease

You may be able to rearrange your lease agreement in order to accommodate your data center decommissioning, especially if you’re completely demolishing your data center. Your lease may have certain parameters and conditions that accommodate your data center. See if those parameters and your costs change if you decommission your data center. 

Critical Power Can Help You To Budget Your Data Center Decommissioning

Critical Power Products and Services understands that data center decommissioning is no small decision or task. We have the know-how and experience to help you budget your decommissioning project.  Contact us for more info on how we can begin revitalizing your data center.