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Basics of Moving your Computer Room Air Conditioner

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Basics of Moving your Computer Room Air Conditioner


Even before the current pandemic, computer rooms where working overtime. More employees working from home was already on a steady uptick. So, whether you are a small business owner running a single 5 Ton Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) or a massive provider with dozens of 30 Ton units working together, losing even one CRAC unit can cause issues.  

Finding a replacement CRAC unit isn’t always the issue.

Removing and replacing the unit(s) can be. While the Air Conditioners are often large, they are somewhat brittle. Lifting, moving, loading or shipping the unit improperly can cause damage. Here are a few basics to keep in mind.  

To start (and after the unit has been disconnected by a mechanical contractor): 

  • How was the machine originally brought into the room? Is that access an option anymore? Yes, sometimes it is going to be necessary to disassemble the unit, but we won’t get into that today. Also consider what kind of flooring is it on? Is the unit on a raised access floor? If so, are there steps into the room? Will a ramp be needed? Is there a freight elevator? Map it out first. 


  • How are you going to move it. Just because it looks like a simple rectangle box, often the center of gravity is not where you think. Find the “CENTER OF GRAVITY” notation on the machine. It often looks like a target. (a circle with an x through it) 


  • Consider the above when deciding how to move the CRAC unit. The panels are often thin and easily damaged. They are basically a shell over a thin frame. (if damaged, a decent body shop should be able to straighten and repaint if needed) Also, can you get under the unit without tipping it over? Liebert Air Conditioner 15 Ton 


  • You have the machine removed, now what? Packing a palletizing these machines properly can make all the difference. Here are some tips (How to Properly Palatize your AC Unit) The last thing you want is unit crashing into each other during shipment. 

As always, safety first.

  • Do not attempt to move one of these units without the proper know how and gear. Plan it out, take time to be vigilant, go as slow as needed. And finally, have a good team in place.   


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