Emergency Power Backup

How Has 2020 Changed Backup Power For Hospitals?

By August 5, 2020 February 19th, 2021 No Comments

Hospitals and Emergency Services Have Unique Electrical Challenges.

Hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients. Aside from creating previously unforeseen power needs, health care experts are now forced to set up on-site and off-site triage systems to categorize patients before admitting, often requiring backup power systems with greater generating capacity, or even off-site mobile power generators.

The Health Care System Needs To Adapt!

It’s time to assess your hospital’s backup power needs. Is your current primary or backup generator able to provide for your power needs? Is it old and in need of replacement? Would a mobile generator allow you to treat more patients more quickly?

Those are questions the experts from Critical Power are prepared to help answer. The situation may require that you have quick access to a new or used diesel, natural gas or mobile generator. We can help deliver exactly what you need in the shortest timeframe. And if a replacement generator is needed, we can even talk to you about purchasing your existing one.

Contact us today or view our inventory of new and used generators.

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