Chiller Removal

chiller removalWhen a piece of equipment is old, outdated, or in need of an upgrade, it becomes a hassle. Let the expert removal team at Critical Power Products & Services take care of that old equipment for you. With over twenty years of knowledge, our team can handle the job quickly and efficiently, from start to finish.

In most cases, the rigging is a fairly simple process. Rooftop based air coolers are lifted off using a crane. Some water cooled chillers have to be completely dismantled and removed through man door sized openings. However, this is something you and your company will never have to deal with. CPP&S will take care of the job from start to finish.

Because Critical Power is dedicated to environmental safety, no piece of equipment simply ends up in a landfill. We recycle all materials, including properly disposing of hazardous waste material. All equipment will either be refurbished, used for parts, or scrapped and recycled.

In addition to our chiller removal services, Critical Power Products & Services (CPP&S) also buys pre-owned chillers, cooling towers, condensers and other air handling equipment. With CPP&S’ Buy Back Program, our clients can put that old, outdated piece of equipment to use. Critical Power will pay cash for our client’s old chillers, no matter the condition or type. Our team accepts both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, at current market value for most popular chillers and air handling equipment.

So if you’re considering upgrading your chiller, or simply need to remove a cumbersome used piece, utilize our trade-in or buy back program to help offset the cost of new equipment.

Hazardous Material Disposal

Critical Power Products & Services takes extreme caution when disposing of hazardous waste materials. With anything- from batteries, to toxic materials- we follow previously instructed procedure, and always handle with care.

CPP&S does not ship old or discarded electronics, or any sort of hazardous materials to developing countries to process. In this way, we cut back on greenhouse gas production, protecting the environment. We also protect employees; both in our company and others, by making sure all are accurately trained in handling these materials.

Across the country, Critical Power Products & Services works with recyclers, smelters and re-sellers in our areas to ensure all toxic wastes are disposed of dependably and appropriately.

With our chillers, CPP&S even reclaims the refrigerant, using a pump to extract the gas from the chiller and pump it into cylinders.

Critical Power would like to encourage all of our customers and partners to think the same way. We will gladly provide you and your company with a Certificate of Recycle, so you can ensure that your waste was disposed of properly, and that no product was inappropriately disposed of. It is our goal to continue this legacy, and to ensure public and environmental safety.

Purchasing New Equipment

Chiller refrigerant recoveryWhen looking for new chillers or air handling equipment, look no further than Critical Power Products & Services. Our team can help your company find the perfect piece of equipment to suit your need. We supply chillers, cooling towers, condensers and other air handling equipment to companies that use an HVAC system, such as hospitals and data centers. We offer all the top manufacturers, such as Trane, Carrier, York, Liebert and Mcquay.

CPP&S even offers gently used chillers. When a company or business grows too big for a specific type of chiller, or simply desires an upgrade, we buy back those used chillers at market value. Our professional team renovates and refurbishes those pieces to resell, so customers can have the same high quality product at a reduced price.

As with all of our offers, our chillers come with a turn-key solution, so we will handle the project from start to finish, including electrical, mechanical, evacuation, rigging and loading.

Let Critical Power help you start your next project today.