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A Crash Course on the Types of Data Center Relocations

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A Guide for Data Center Relocations

Although we usually put the types of data center relocations under one big, generalized umbrella, they actually come in many different shapes and sizes. There are two major ways to carry out a relocation; phased or big bang. There are three main categories of relocations; cloud, hybrid and traditional. Finally, among those, there are two subcategories, partial and full relocations. There are many variations and subtle differences, but here is your basic crash course in data center relocations.

Two Major Types of Data Center Relocation Methods


A phased data center relocation is precisely what it sounds like, the relocating of a data center that is done over the course of time. You migrate in calculated stages within several months, or even a year. This method works best for larger companies who have larger, more extensive data centers.

Big Bang

This method is aptly named after the theory of the origin of the universe, which happened over a short period of time and with a lot of commotion. A big bang data center relocation occurs over the course of a few days or a week. Everything gets packed up, shipped out, set up and made ready for business at lightning speed. This is method is quick, but it’s also the most disruptive. It also works best with smaller companies.

Three Major Types


Traditional relocations entail moving your data center equipment from one physical data center to another physical data center.


A cloud relocation means you’re moving from a physical or hybrid data center to a cloud data center. Or you may be moving from one cloud data center to another.


A hybrid relocation means you’re moving some of your data center to a cloud location and either keeping some of your current physical data center or relocating some of your data center functions to another physical location.

Two Relocation Subcategories

Within these three categories, there are two subcategories, partial and full relocations. These are exactly as they suggest, completely moving your entire operation to a new place of operation or partially moving to a new place of operation. A partial move can also be a hybrid move, if you’re partially transitioning from a physical location to a cloud location.

Determine Which Method And Type Of Relocation Is Right For You

Relocations are stressful for your company, but they can ultimately make your business run more efficiently. The key is finding the right method and type.
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