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8 Steps To Preparing For A Data Center Demolition

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Data center demolition involves disposing of the entire data center infrastructure, but not just getting rid of it. It involves getting rid of it in a way that eliminates the risk of business data being leaked or lost and ensuring that the physical equipment is disposed of in a way that meets all environmental guidelines. That’s a tall order that makes the project a complex process rather than a quick “over the weekend” type of project.

Critical Power Products and Services has been handling data center demolition projects for over 20 years. We’ve developed a reputation for getting the job done on-time and on-budget with minimal disruption to our clients. Here’s a list of 8 steps that we recommend every business take to successfully manage a data center demolition. Decom in Progresss

8 Steps To Successful Data Center Demolition

  1. Develop a plan. Successful data center demolition decisions start with a comprehensive plan that includes projected costs, transition management, disposal options, construction/deconstruction costs, environmental impact, and a timeline to completion.
  1. Review your lease agreement. This is an important step. What does your lease agreement say about decommissioning equipment? In what state must the space be left once you vacate? Make sure you’ve got a firm understanding of what your obligations are under the agreement to avoid surprise costs.
  1. Inform all stakeholders of the plan. You will likely have to make adjustments to day-to-day business operations during a demolition project. Make sure employees know what to expect and when well in advance so they can adjust their workloads accordingly and plan for the transition to the new system.
  1. Create an inventory of assets and what to do with them. An inventory of assets can help identify assets than can be recycled, reused elsewhere, or sold for cash and helps ensure that nothing is lost in the transition.
  1. Terminate existing service contracts. It’s easy to forget to terminate existing service contracts if you are simply getting rid of equipment. Don’t waste any more money than you have to by paying for services you no longer need. Use the inventory list created in Step 4 above to identify which equipment has a contract that must be terminated or adjusted.
  1. Relocate systems. Got everything checked off on your list? Know what is being decommissioned, what is being reused, and the new space is ready to go? The big day is finally here! You are ready to relocate your systems! 
  1. Dispose of old equipment. Once you’ve relocated all of your reusable equipment, the time has come to get rid of the unusable pieces. You should have researched equipment disposal options early on in the process and have vendors lined up to help you clear out  the facility. 
  1. Restore the site. Everything gone? Go back to Step 2 and restore the site to the conditions specified in your lease agreement.   machines inside navisite demo

Line Up Professional Help From CPP&S

Although this is only an 8-step list, it can be overwhelming when put into action. That’s why so many companies count on Critical Power Products & Services to help them manage the data center demolition process. Hiring CPP&S to manage your data center demolition ensures that your equipment will be decommissioned in accordance with EPA-certified standards and the most current best practice security measures to prevent data loss or theft.

Visit our Data Center Relocation page to learn more about our services or call 855-968-0176 to discuss your project with a team member.