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5 More Tips Successful Generator Rentals

By December 6, 2017 November 19th, 2020 No Comments

We’ve recently shared 5 tips for a successful generator rental, but we’re not done yet! We’ve got 5 more tips to ensure your rental generator meets your needs:

Consider the cable and accessories. It’s easy to overlook the cable as “just an accessory” but when it comes to big power like the kind heavy-duty rental generators put out, you’ve got to have the right size cable. Make sure that the cables you use:

  1. Exceed the amperage capacity of the generator.
  2. Are properly rated for the voltage and amperage.
  3. Are inspected for defects prior to use.
  4. Are long enough to connect to your tie-in points.

You generator rental company should be able to provide you with all of the properly sized cables and accessories you need.

Operate accordingly. Make sure you’re renting a generator capable of handling your needs. That means gauging the right kW capacity so you aren’t overloading the machine, but also knowing the duty cycle capabilities of the unit. Can it be run 24 hours a day or does operation need to be broken down into shifts?

Consider paralleling. Getting the biggest, most powerful generator you can find isn’t always the best move. Sometimes it makes more sense to have a couple of smaller generators instead of one big one. If your site is geographically spread out, for instance, you are probably better off renting more than one generator. Paralleling your power supply can improve equipment availability on-site by making more power available for more applications and it may be more cost effective to run several smaller generators than one overly sized unit.

Be aware of sound restrictions. Generators can be loud. If there are sound restrictions, mention this to your generator rental supplier. They can direct you towards a quieter unit or maybe even find one for you that comes with an enclosure to help deaden the sound.

Plan ahead. The single biggest piece of advice we can give rental customers is to PLAN AHEAD! If at all possible, make plans well in advance of your need to ensure a generator is available for your use. This will help ensure you get the right sized generator for your needs and that a unit will be available for you when you need it.

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