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Don’t Suffer Through Another Power Outage Without A Backup Diesel Generator

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You don’t have to be the victim of the next inevitable power outage. Preparing yourself with a backup generator can mean the difference between business as usual for your company or lost revenue.

The next step is finding the right generator for the job. Here are some reasons why a backup diesel generator may be the right generator for you and your business.HiPower on trailer


Most generators run on gasoline, propane, natural gas or diesel. Although any type of emergency generator will offer your home or business temporary power during outages, diesel is a more cost-effective fuel. It offers more power per ounce of fuel than propane, natural gas or gasoline. Diesel is not expensive or difficult to get, either.


Though diesel is flammable, it is less volatile and flammable than other fuels. This may seem insignificant, but most power outages are caused by hurricanes, tropical storms and other damaging weather, which in turn can cause dangerous conditions. Using a highly volatile fuel compounds an already dangerous situation.

Easy To Use:

Its true, backup diesel generators can be a little intimidating for first time buyers. Most backup diesel generators have easy and straightforward maintenance and operation, especially if your generator is professionally installed. You should always follow safety procedures and read all of the literature about your generator. 

Be Prepared:

Once you’ve had your generator installed, you should be able to get through most power outages, as long as the generator itself is still standing. But, rest assured, your diesel generator is designed to endure extreme weather and rugged conditions.

Critical Power Offers A Wide Variety Of Backup Diesel Generators

Winter Storm

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The type and size of your generator depends on whether you need basic power, like lights, refrigerators and your stove or you need full power for medical equipment or data center equipment. Ask a trusted backup generator retailer for advice on which generator works best for you.

Critical Power offers a wide variety of both new and used backup diesel generators. We also have the experience and knowledge to help you or your company choose the right generator for your needs. Call or email us for more information on how to choose the right diesel generator.

Test Your Knowledge: How Much Do You Know About Diesel Generators?

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No, this isn’t an actual test. But, if you’re reading this blog, you probably want to know more about diesel generators, you’re looking to buy or replace your generator or both. There are many kinds of diesel generators on the market, expanding your knowledge about diesel generators can help you to figure out which is best for your company.Tradewinds 100kw

Do You Know Your Wattage Requirement?

Your wattage requirement is the amount of wattage your company needs to power emergency systems, or provide full power. Your wattage requirement will determine how large and how complex your diesel generator will be.

Do You Know What An EMD Generator Is?

EMD stands for “electro motive diesel” and these generators are low-risk generators will little to no maintenance. They have low RPMs and a wide variety of applications.

Do You Know What A Diesel Electric Generator Is?

A diesel electric generator is a combination of an electric generator and a diesel engine and an alternator which generates energy using diesel as fuel. These generators make a great emergency power supply, but they can also be an essential part of keeping the power on consistently.

Air Cooled Vs Water Cooled, What’s The Difference?Cummins Diesel Generator

In short, an air-cooled generator relied on a specialized air intake system to cool the generators engine. Air cooled generators are less complex than their water-cooled counterparts. A water-cooled system uses a more complex system that involves water pipes to flow around the generator’s engine as it runs. They also have a complex radiator system and require more maintenance than their air-cooled counterparts.

Critical Power Has The Answer To All Of Your Diesel Generator Questions

Here at Critical Power we know an awful lot about diesel generators. We offer our customers the benefit of decades of combined knowledge along with our commitment to quality generators. Call or email us with any of your questions about diesel generators.

Reduce Storm Stress! Rent A Standby Generator This Winter

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Winter is on its way! And we may all be looking forward to the New Year or the holidays, but businesses have an added stress during this time of year that’s enough to dampen any holiday spirit. Winter brings cheer, but it also brings stressful, damaging winter storm power outages. Storm stress is real and if your business is unprepared for the winter, it just compounds that stress. You can help to eliminate storm stress by preparing for winter storms in the fall, before a disaster happens. One of the best ways to prepare is to have a standby generator on hand. Depending on your need and the size of your business, a long-term rental agreement may be the best option.

Why Rent A Generator Long-Term?

A long-term standby generator rental can help your business reduce downtime. A generator that is in standby mode can deliver power to your business when power infrastructure is down due to winter storms. Depending on the severity of the storm, emergency crews might not even be able to reach your business, let alone help repair and restore power. A standby generator offers emergency power that will keep your business afloat and connected to your cloud or data center. This way, you lose little or no time while your community thaws out and repair crews are sent in.

Calculating Your Storm Window And Gaging Your Fuel Use

Determine your community’s “storm window” by averaging the number of winter storms in the last 3 years and averaging how spread out they are throughout the winter months. Ask your standby generator retailer how much fuel your generator will need for a day, week, or month. Depending on your storm window, keep a supply of fuel to last you through your estimated period, plus at least two extra weeks. This will help you to gage how much fuel you’ll need, and it will give you a buffer if repair crews take longer to repair power lines and other infrastructures.

Critical Power Offers Standby Diesel Generators And Something Even More Important

Critical Power Products and Services offers standby diesel generators and something even more important, peace of mind. Contact us to find out how we can help your business reduce stress and keep the power on this winter.

The Importance Of Generator Enclosures And Other Necessities This Winter

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Your generator is designed to take care of you during winter storm outages, but you need to do your part to take care of it, too. Generator enclosures literally provide shelter from the storm, and enclosures cut down on the overall wear and tear of your generator. Other necessities, like cooling towers and chillers, can help keep your generator working smoothly all winter long.

What Your Generator Needs To Run Smoothly This Winter:


This isn’t a must-have, but with all of the ice and snow, your generator may seem noisier. A soundproof generator enclosure can help to eliminate some of the noise associated with generators.

Cooling Towers And Chillers

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it cool and chilly enough in the winter? Actually, we want to keep a generator cool, but we don’t want it to freeze. Chillers and cooling towers are actually warmer than the temperature outside, so they keep generators cool, but not frozen.


Your enclosure may include louvers, dampers or shutters. They offer ambient airflow through the generator engine’s radiator. This helps to naturally eliminate overheating or overcooling.

Louvers can be activated by the generator’s thermostat or coolant levels. Like the classic louver design, they are designed to let air in, but keep snow out.

Snow Hoods

Snow hoods are features on generator enclosures that help to prevent snow from accumulating near the generator itself. Some manufacturers offer snow hood kits, but some come as part of an enclosure package. If you purchase a kit, you may have to relocate the generator’s exhaust, so it’s better to purchase a generator enclosure that includes a snow hood.

Other Precautions To Take50 kW Blue Star Diesel Generator

You may want to consider other precautions when preparing your generator for winter weather. You may want to consider winter fuel additives, to keep your fuel flowing freely. You should also make sure your generator was serviced before the winter begins.

Generator Enclosures Don’t Just Shield Your Generators

Your generator is the one tool that can keep your business afloat this winter. So, by shielding your generator, you’re also shielding your business. Critical Power Products and Services can help find the right generator enclosure and accessories for your area and needs. Contact us for more information on how you can protect your generator and your assets this winter.