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October 2018

Don’t Suffer Through Another Power Outage Without A Backup Diesel Generator

By | Emergency Power Backup

You don’t have to be the victim of the next inevitable power outage. Preparing yourself with a backup diesel generator can mean the difference between business as usual for your company or lost revenue.

The next step is finding the right generator for the job. Here are some reasons why a backup diesel generator may be the right generator for you and your business. Read More

Reduce Storm Stress! Rent A Standby Generator This Winter

By | Emergency Power Backup

Winter is on its way! And we may all be looking forward to the New Year or the holidays, but businesses have an added stress during this time of year that’s enough to dampen any holiday spirit. Winter brings cheer, but it also brings stressful, damaging winter storm power outages. Storm stress is real and if your business is unprepared for the winter, it just compounds that stress. Read More