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August 2018

Protecting Your Commercial Building: Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

By | Data Centers, Emergency Power Backup

Protecting Your Commercial Building:

There are some great ways to protect a commercial building from harm, and one of those is reducing the risk of fire. To do that, the building needs a good fire suppression system. There are several different types, and understanding more about them can help make it easier to choose which one will be the best option. Read More

The Final Countdown: 4 Steps To A Seamless Data Center Demolition

By | Equipment Recycling and Removal

Is your company migrating to a cloud? Are you consolidating? Are you relocating or collocating? Either way, you’ll need to start the process of eliminating obsolete and unneeded equipment from your current data center. This begins with an IT asset disposition or ITAD plan. Making an ITAD plan can help you to responsibly dispose of or recycle the data center equipment you don’t need.

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Data Center Equipment: How You Organize Is As Important As What You Organize

By | Data Centers

Does your business use direct cloud storage? Do you run your own data center? Alternatively, are you taking advantage of a colocation agreement? Regardless of your configuration, it’s important for all of your data center equipment to run smoothly and to avoid preventable accidents. Sometimes how you organize your equipment is as important as the equipment you have. Here are some helpful tips on how to organize your data center equipment.

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