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July 2018

Emergency Generator Rentals Can Save The Life Of Your Business

By | Emergency Power Backup

Emergency generator rentals can quite literally be lifesavers in case of a natural disaster or other emergency situations. Chances are, your company already has a generator, but they aren’t always enough to prevent or sustain your business during an emergency. Whether you’re preventing a catastrophe or you’re experiencing an actual disaster, an emergency generator rental can save your business. Here are some of the ways and situations where emergency generator rentals can save the life of your business.

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Stress Relief Tips For Overworked Data Center Equipment

By | Data Centers

Everyone gets stressed nowadays, even your data center equipment. We live in a digitally driven world, and that data needs to be stored somewhere. Think about it, we’ve created more data in the past five years than we have since the creation of computer software. However, increased data growth means an increased impact on the data center equipment that houses and stores data.

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Critical Power’s Guide To Listing Used Industrial Generators Part 1: Getting Started

By | Buying and Selling Generators

Sometimes selling used industrial generators can be just as stressful as buying them. The first thing your company should do is to find a reputable vendor who will allow you to post your generator. You’ll want to use a vendor that explicitly sells generators, coolers, chillers and other equipment. Sites like eBay are too generalized, and sites like Craigslist can be too sketchy. Read More