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May 2018

Why Use CPPS For Your Turnkey Demolition And Relocation Solutions?

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Do you still remember the early days of your business? The long hours, the grueling schedule and where you had to attempt everything on your own. Maybe your business is still in this phase, maybe you’ve risen to the next level, but regardless of where your business is currently, did you ever considered turnkey solutions?

If you’ve never heard the term “turnkey”, it refers to services that require no work or effort from the hiring business. It’s just like the reference suggests, you just turn the key and go.

A turnkey project is often associated with adding on to a business, like adding a building or computer system, but it can also refer to decommissioning equipment, too. Decommissioning is a tough job, but turnkey data center demolition and data center relocation services are as easy as a phone call.

Can It Really Be That Easy?

For you the customer, it really is that easy. Here’s what we do:

  • We do a walkthrough of your facility, including a site survey
  • We remove all equipment from the site
  • We manage safe removal and handling
  • We handle proper disposal of material and equipment
  • We manage any recyclable materials
  • We obtain any permit for disposing of hazardous waste and transporting equipment

Then we notify you when the equipment and materials are removed so, we can proceed to the next step. Whether you decide on data center relocation services, our data center demolition services or both.

Turnkey Solutions Offer You Peace Of Mind

Our turnkey solutions don’t just offer you peace of mind, they allow your company to operate during a data center demolition or while we complete our data center relocation services.

Data center demolitions and/or relocations can free up valuable and necessary time, energy and funds. This can really allow your business to grow! If your employees are occupied with all of the tasks involved in these massive changes, they’re not doing what they are trained to do. This is a huge drain on your bottom line. This is why our turnkey solutions are so essential to maintaining your business. Don’t backlog your employees with a data center relocation or demolition. Let us handle what we do best, while your employees do what they do best!

Critical Power Products And Services Offers Unparalleled Turnkey Solutions

Critical Power Products and Services offers unparalleled turnkey solutions for every type of data center demolition and relocation. Contact us today! Ask about our data center relocation services and demolition services and find out how we can help your business thrive.

Data Center Relocation: 6 Factors To Consider In Choosing A Cooling System

By | Data Centers, Equipment Disposal

If your data center and/or cooling unit are no longer efficient, you may want to consider a data center relocation. A different data center means different cooling system needs. Here are some ways to assess the cooling needs of your existing data center or a data center you’re planning to relocate to.

Here Are 6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cooling System:

1. Parameters

The parameters of your facility will dictate many of the parameters of your cooling system. Consider these factors when thinking about a cooling system:

    • The ambient temperature
    • The type of insulation
    • The size
    • The length of the existing ducting, if any
    • Your data center’s thermal load (or the amount of energy that’s required to cool a space in one hour)?

2. Hot And Cold Airflow

Most cooling units must have access to fresh air in order to operate efficiently. This is sometimes referred to as fresh air intake.

The object of the game is to cool a data center’s equipment so it can operate efficiently. We often talk about cooling capabilities, but we don’t always discuss hot air exhaust. Cooling systems also generate heat that needs to be routed out of your facility and dissipated. You always need to factor in the room necessary to dissipate that hot air.

5. Humidity

Humidity, with or without heat, is another a factor that we don’t always think about when installing a cooling system. You may not need to worry about humidity if you’re in a low-humidity location, like Las Vegas or Arizona. But, higher humidity can cause your cooling unit to work harder. Some units come with a humidification control upgrade, which helps to maintain the overall climate and temperature.

6. Location Temperature

Just like humidity, the temperature can play a large roll in how you cool your data 

center. Much of this is common sense, but if your data center is located in a warmer area, like Florida, you’re going t

o need to use more energy to cool it. If your data center is located in Minnesota or Alaska, you’ll need less energy to cool.

Which Cooling Unit Should Your Choose For Your Data Center Relocation?

Critical Power Products and Services can help! We offer solutions for every type of data center relocation or demolition. Contact us today! Ask about how Critical Power can maximize your data center relocation.