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March 2018

Signs To Determine If You Need A Data Center Consolidation

By | Data Centers

3 Signs That Your Company Needs A Data Center Consolidation Or Decommissioning

Technology is always advancing and it’s difficult to know how and when to keep up with all of the changes. You know that responding to these changes is necessary. It may be one way your company can retain its competitive edge, but how can you determine when you need a data center consolidation or decommissioning? Here are three warning signs that may help your company make this crucial decision:

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Why Natural Gas Generators Deserve A Second Look

By | Generator Maintenance and Information

If you browse our inventory regularly, you’ve no doubt noticed that we stock both diesel generators and natural gas (NG) generators. Although diesel generators used to be the go-to for reliable backup generator power, NG is giving diesel some strong competition as natural gas prices have dropped and the gas has become more widely available through pipelines, tanks, and cylinders. 

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